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need advice on cat

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Kattinger Sun 16-Nov-14 08:50:02

My cat is not well. I know I have to take himto the vet (it will have to be tomorrow) but I am worried because this is a recurring problem and they do not seem to be doing anything , so I want to be clued up before I get there.

For two or three years now Kittingercat has had a swelling over his eye. It was originally an absess. The absess was a rewsult the vet said of a rat bite ( not a cat). We have neighbours with chickens and rats are a hazard. It was treated but the swelling never went away completely. One vet told me it was a sty. Another prodded it and said there was nothing in it.

It partially closes his eye.

At times the swelling flares up ( as it is now)

The swelling becomes extensive and the cat scratches it and it bleeds and goes down.

This time it has come up but it looks as if he may have been bitten on top of the lump.

Anyway, he is tired, sleeping a lot, wont let me look at it properly ( it seems to hurt when I touch it) and he is hiding away (classic sign he is unwell).

I have been bathing it when I can - every morning and evening. Thereare two clear scabbing puncture wounds over it It has bled but then healedagain and its still swelled up.

This time though I want to get to the vetsand get it sorted properly. Not a quick injection and away with a " bring him back if it gets worse".
It usually gets better after he hasan antibiotic but then it returns ....

He is 15 and has a touch of arthritis in front paws as well. Otherwise seems healthy. Except recently he seems to have become insecure and forgettful ( related to this eye or not?)

Anyone any experience of something like this?

thecatneuterer Sun 16-Nov-14 11:21:02

No, I've never come across anything like it and have no ideas. Hopefully Lonecat will come on and offer some insight.

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