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Advice on getting a cat or kitten from a rescue centre

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notmydog Sat 15-Nov-14 22:16:04

We've never had cats before, although we are experienced pet owners, having had dogs all our lives. We have moved to the UK about a year ago and we are renting privately. Our rental seems fairly secure, we certainly do not plan to move again any time soon and our landlord has indicated that the house should be available for the foreseeable future). We live in a market town, but in a very quiet cul-de-sac, with minimal vehicle traffic as our Victorian street is narrow enough to scare away most drivers. Almost all the neighbours in our street have cats. Our house do not have a cat flap, and the back door has a solid pane of double glazed glass. I've read that fitting a cat flap could cost upwards or £300 and that is frankly too steep for us.
I work from home, and only leave to do school runs. We only have one DD who is as sensible 9 and who loves animals.
My question is: How likely would it be for us to be approved by a cat rescue, seeing that we do not own our own place. We will obviously need permission from the landlord first, but my DH has spoken to the agents today and they didn't think our landlord would have a particular problem provided we pay the necessary deposits, etc.
Is there anything that we need to know before approaching rescue centres? We are really looking for a kitten and not an adult cat. (We have adopted adult dogs in the past but really prefer to raise pets from small).

thecatneuterer Sat 15-Nov-14 22:29:03

If you came to us we would have no problem with the fact that it's a rental, nor with a nine year old child. Cat flaps are desirable but not essential (unless you're going for a semi-feral/extremely timid cat). We would just want to know that you're sensible, understand what's involved with cat ownership, and that the road/access to the road isn't too dangerous.

We wouldn't home a small kitten on it's own however. Kittens really need their litter mates for play and security. We do home kittens from around four to five months old alone though. Also bear in mind that we are coming out of kitten season now. Cats have two litters a year - in early Spring and mid/late Summer. So, as far as I can see, your only sticking point here will be if you want just one small kitten.

In any case you'd be better off with an older (five months or above) kitten or young cat. That way you'll know what sort of temperament you're getting (with small kittens there's no way of telling), and if you're first time cat owners you'll probably want a fairly trouble-free cat.

notmydog Sat 15-Nov-14 22:49:31

:D that is good news! I might be able to turn DH's arm for 2 ;)
But I also think a kitten of four or five months would be perfect for us. I'm very excited, as it would be lovely for me to have some company around the house during the day. First step for us would be to get approval from landlord, so all fingers crossed!

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