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Ophelia has foul wind...

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And slightly 3rd eyelidded eyes. Not continually but a couple of times they have slid across.
Should I take her to the vet or watch and see? We ran out of their usual cat food (Animonda Carny) last weekend and I had to give them Felix til tuesday night. Ophie was not impressed (and tried to scuff it over!) and when the delivery arrived she ate herself stupid!
Last two nights she has stunk the house out! I think she is pooing ok (hard to tell with 3 trays and cats!) but I think the loose poos may be hers. She is dozing on me as I type and seems happy and alert, but her farts are clearing the room! (I was blaming DS2 last night poor boy but now it is definitely her!!!)

Can I assume the felix didn't agree and that she has O.D'd on Carny, or does she need a vet visit?

Fluffycloudland77 Sat 15-Nov-14 09:14:00

I'd wait and see, they've had jabs haven't they?. We used to see the Persians 3rd lids more than I see the bengals.

thecatneuterer Sun 16-Nov-14 11:33:47

Yes wait and see. If it's continuous then it could be a problem (for everyone!). I had one old cat, Fergus, who developed truly foul wind (or Farty Fergus as he became knownsmile ). And with him it was indeed a sign that something was very wrong and it was some sort of digestive tract condition that eventually killed him. He was very old though. Ophelia's wind isn't likely to be indicative of anything that serious.

Photo of Farty Fergus (the tabby in the middle) just for the hell of it.

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