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tortie adopted other people!

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thetimeisnow Fri 14-Nov-14 20:15:05

We rescued our tortoise female 4 years ago, she was 1.
I had a baby 3 years ago.
Also 3 years ago we moved counties, move was fine, cat was fine, no worries with her.
Last year she disappeared for 2 weeks, just as I phoned the cat protection and chip people, she turned up! She had a new collar on which wasn't the flea one we'd bought, so I changed it back and got a barrel which I wrote ' special diet required do not feed'
Since then she hasn't come home to stay, has visited that we know of twice, not enough to get her indoors and feed her, but happy we know she's OK!
Now we are moving in a few weeks, same area but still... and I feel like I should do something.
I'm happy to let her new owners take her on. if she's happy there then I have to let her go. But how do I go about this?
I had a dream about her last night, I do miss her but if she's happy elsewhere.
also she hasn't had her yearly jabs.

Medjuel Mon 17-Nov-14 13:27:06


If she really is happier with the other people I would go round and explain the situation, that you are moving, that she seems to have adopted them, find out if they would be willing to take her on permanently and let her go. Chances are if you take her with you when you move she will simply disappear trying to get back to the other people, then you will have all the worry of "where is she, is she ok" etc.

I took on a neighbours cat who had made my home his second one, never fed him or kept him overnight, he just wandered in during the day and my other cats accepted him with no problems, and they pootled around the house. One day the owner called round to say they could no longer keep him as they had to move away and would I like to take him on as he seemed so at home with me, either that or he would go to RSPCA kennels. I took him on, he used to sit on his old windowsill looking in, looking a bit confused for a while but he settled happily and lived for a few years with me before sadly getting run over.

Its hard to walk away, but I think your cat has made it very clear where she wants to live and provided you think you can trust them to look after her and love her, then I think thats the best outcome.

Good luck and I hope you can find a resolution to your problem.

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