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cat missing... in need of hand holding

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Chalalala Fri 14-Nov-14 09:24:26

Not sure why I'm even posting as there's clearly nothing anyone can do!

My cat (neutered 2 years old) has not been home for the past two days... he normally stays close to our house, never stays out more than a few hours in a row, and he always comes home when it rains (pouring down since 4am here!).

I've been walking around calling him, nothing. I'm so upset. He's such a happy, affectionate kitty, I can't bear the thought of something happening to him. And DH is away this week so I have no one to panic with.

He's microchipped and my phone number is on his collar.


code Fri 14-Nov-14 10:07:39

I'm really sorry, how stressful. Have you knocked on all the neighbouring doors and asked them to check all their internal rooms, outhouses, garages, hedges, etc?
Maybe leaflet them too to ask people to do the above and keep an eye out for him. Call local vets so they're alerted.
Have you checked all the hedges along the road?
I hope you find him very soon.

Chalalala Fri 14-Nov-14 12:55:49

thank you thanks

I checked the hedges, will go talk to the neighbours tonight and take a long walk around.

chockbic Fri 14-Nov-14 12:58:28

He might have got locked in somewhere, sheltering from the rain.

Fingers crossed for his safe return.

KissMyFatArse Fri 14-Nov-14 12:58:34

That's happened to us so know the feeling. It's awful and the feeling of helplessness and worry is consumingconfused Hopefully your wee guy comes home soon.

Chalalala Fri 14-Nov-14 18:09:08


I'm so relieved. Sooooo relieved.

Thanks everyone for the hand holding, I really needed it.

now wine

Onthemountain Fri 14-Nov-14 18:16:02

So glad he's back home with you...lovely news.

code Sat 15-Nov-14 07:45:04

yay, great news!! It's a shame we can't GPS their microchips.

KissMyFatArse Sat 15-Nov-14 21:29:52

Yay! So pleased happy ending x

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