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Cat randomly peeing on stuff

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espa Thu 06-Nov-14 20:03:02

My 4.5 year old neutered boy periodically pees on things. He had only done it about 2 or 3 times prior to the beginning of this year (once when he climbed on my knee for a cuddle not long after we got him as a kitten - true sign of love?!).

It started earlier this year when we bought him and his brother a new bed. He took one look at it, got on it and peed. About half of the other occasions have been on something that is 'new' or didn't normally live in that place (e.g. If we eft something on floor), sometimes it's on bags, once on a cushion or sometimes like today it's just on our clothes (clean washing basket). He does this about once every 4-6 weeks, or else we catch him about to do it and give him a row.

There's no obvious pattern. He doesn't have cystitis (took him to vet for a check several months ago when this started). We have two feliway diffusers in the house. Only one litter tray but it's a large one and regularly cleaned.

Any thoughts what might be causing it or how we could stop it? He had been play fighting with his brother most of the day today, so wonder if he was a bit unsettled, but this isn't the case every time it happens. It often happens in front of us so wonder if it's attention seeking? He's such a lovely little boy, my shadow and totally obsessed with cuddling me so gets plenty attention, although tonight has opted to sit next to his dad!

It's frustrating as you can imagine but particularly worried as I'm due our first baby in 7 weeks and convinced he's going to start peeing on all the new things that appear. sad

chockbic Thu 06-Nov-14 20:29:48

I would be looking at putting another tray down and keeping it really clean.

CattyCatCat Fri 07-Nov-14 00:29:23

Sadly there does not seem to be any foolproof way to sort litter problems out. A vet recently told me that allowing house cats to go outside gives a pretty good chance of problem behaviour stopping. Beyond that, you try several litter trays throughout the house. I've also read about 'cat attract' litter but not sure if you can buy it easily in the UK. I am currently confining two kittens in the bathroom to re-litter train them after several incidents. It seems to be going well at the mo. They are coming back into the downstairs this weekend. I am confident the one will behave. Really not sure about the other one and whether he will start weeing on floor again.

The only other thing I can suggest is the Feliway spray. I've not tried it but might do if problems restart ( I've just bought the diffuser to try at the moment).

Good luck.

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