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Stopping cat licking wound- will not wear a cone/collar

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barmybunting Thu 06-Nov-14 07:19:55

I am pulling my hair out here trying to keep our cat from licking a wound under his front left leg (in his 'armpit') and wondering if anyone can help please?

He has seen the vet, no stitches needed but we need to apply cream a couple of times a day. Vet gave us a plastic cone collar to stop him licking, that lasted all of 2 mins and he just thrashed it off whenever we put it back on. Vet then gave us an inflatable donut type collar yesterday - he has this off within 10 mins so I spent yesterday following him about putting it back on. In desperation this morning, I tried a baby t-shirt thinking it would cover the wound. He twisted that off in 5 mins...

Any alternative ideas on how to get him to stop licking the wound please? He keeps opening it again every time so it isn't healing. I am at home just now so can thankfully keep an eye on him, but DC1 is due in a week so I am worried he will be left more to his own devices soon and just want to get the poor wee soul sorted- it looks sore!


RubbishMantra Thu 06-Nov-14 09:17:42

Perhaps a babygro? Would be more difficult to manoeuvre out of?

barmybunting Thu 06-Nov-14 11:15:42

I popped one on him about an hour ago and he managed to keep it on for half an hour so it is a slight improvement, thanks! Hopefully perseverance will work!

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