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The 'POWER' of Mumsnet; looking for a Siamese/Oriental type cat

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KatyMac Mon 03-Nov-14 08:43:20

Either an older kitten or an adult cat. Siamese/Oriental or a cat with the same sort of fur/hair as DH isn't allergic to it.

I'm not trying to avoid paying for one, I just think an older one would be better for our setting (I run a nursery from home)

I'm in East Anglia - so if you hear of one, could you let me know?

KatyMac Mon 03-Nov-14 14:04:26


isseywithcats Mon 03-Nov-14 15:51:55

try siamese cat rescue uk as they are likely to have breeders on their books who have either cats that havent come up to show quality but fine as pets or queens that have had a couple of litters and decided not to breed any more from or contacts with the rescues round the country

isseywithcats Mon 03-Nov-14 15:52:22

or google rescue siamese cat and see what comes up

Pipbin Mon 03-Nov-14 17:59:30

Katy Friends of mine in Ipswich have adopted two Spanish rescue cats. They are very like Siamese in their build and fur length.
i know that the lady they adopted them from brings them over to the UK and has lots to home.

Madcats Mon 03-Nov-14 20:40:04

Maybe our pedigree (old school) Siamese old boys are a bit less Siamese...I definitely have itchy eyes after cuddling them (and I don't get hay fever etc).

I'm not sure how meezers would cope with a nursery etc...ours certainly complain...then tell me all about it after we have playdates.

Our cats loved to be cuddled and talked to but they are very wary of small children

MrsLettuce Mon 03-Nov-14 20:56:14

We have an oriental short hair and a modern type, short haired Siamese, both pedigree.

The Siamese manages make our allergic react friends just fine, no effort required. Not sure about the short hair - they spend so very much time nested up together that she's bound to be permanently 'infected' with allergens. Her coat is different to his though - no under layer.

I'd absolutely not get a cat in your situation TBH. I've heard Guinea pigs are fab house animals but I've never actually 'known' one so, yeah, no idea really.

KatyMac Mon 03-Nov-14 21:15:57

Well we've had a Chocolate tabby point & 2 Oriental tortoise shells he hasn't been allergic to but he is allergic to my parents moggies - so we'll stick to what we know

The cats have always had a choice - they can sit in the lounge or bedroom with DH (he's medically retired & spends a lot of time this way) & watch telly with a log burner in the winter or play with the children. Last cat preferred the fire/telly combo, cat before preferred the children & one slent their time between the two

Papworth felt his allergy was for the down-y undercoat which siamese/orientals often don't have; it is difficult to tell in kittens but in an adult cat you can feel the difference. Often the allergy is to the spit or enzymes in the spit so a well groomed cat is an allergen nightmare for some people - but his allergy is more mechanical - it's the fluff!

MyHovercraftIsFullOfEels Mon 03-Nov-14 22:49:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KatyMac Mon 03-Nov-14 22:56:15

Thanks - I'll have a good look on there (it seems to be American - I think)

MyHovercraftIsFullOfEels Mon 03-Nov-14 22:58:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KatyMac Mon 03-Nov-14 23:00:55

grin - that'll be the whole bigger land mass thing; I sometimes et so excited about this thing/product/event only to find out it was American (or once Australian) & I hadn't noticed

I can't drive that far to see a kitten/cat

although I feel I have yesterday & today <rolls eyes>

stareatthetvscreen Mon 03-Nov-14 23:08:38

when i was looking i bought a cat magazine and looked up the siamese breeders at the back.then i rang round - some were v friendly and i was offered a few for rehoming probably retired queens.

might be worth a try.

KatyMac Mon 03-Nov-14 23:30:53

Good idea - we depend on the internet too much

mausmaus Tue 04-Nov-14 07:49:41

imo it would be daft to get a pet when a family member is allergic to them.

KatyMac Tue 04-Nov-14 12:52:11

Well we have been married 20 years, had 3 Siamese/Orientals for 18+ of those years with no allergic reactions to them. We only found out about the allergy when my mum lost her siamese and got moggies. Papworth Hosp are happy (possibly eager) for him to have a cat as long as it's Siamese/Oriental

So we will follow their advice smile

basildonbond Tue 04-Nov-14 13:19:07

Our Dubai street cat has no undercoat - I don't know if there's an organisation bringing any over to the UK but it might be worth googling Egyptian or arabian mau rescue (mau is really just a posh way of saying moggie wink)

Fluffycloudland77 Tue 04-Nov-14 13:23:47

Dh is allergic to our cat & grateful it's not the other way around wink

cozietoesie Tue 04-Nov-14 13:36:27

Hah! grin

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