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Has anybody ever built a 'relationship' with a random cat!?

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warmgingerbread Sun 02-Nov-14 19:35:39

There is a large white one on the street where I live but I'm not sure what number.

Every time he sees me he runs to me and I stroke him. He's so gorgeous and friendly grin

I've no idea who he belongs to or what his name is, but I love him! Anyone else!?

PinkSparklyElephant Sun 02-Nov-14 20:43:47

Yes. We had a stray cat (although we didn't know he was stray until earlier this year) living in the service road behind our house. I went out for a bike ride in April and he came up to me so I went out and bought some food and he became my second cat.

Unfortunately he couldn't live with us so he moved in with my Mum until he was put to sleep last week. He was my little mate.

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