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Grunty Bunty

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Gingermum Sun 02-Nov-14 00:08:40

When my kitten Bunty is mid-snooze, she will make little grunty noises, and when she's fully asleep she does these teeny kitten snores. She's not overweight and seems perfectly content. But Stan my other cat, is bigger but is completely silent when he's snoozing.

Does anyone else have a snorer/grunter/wheezer?

PinkSparklyElephant Sun 02-Nov-14 07:48:36

I do! H can be heard over the TV sometimes! He's not overweight and the vet says he's healthy so I think it's just one of those things

chockbic Sun 02-Nov-14 11:14:03

Yes! He grunts/snores/snorts when he's awake.

Its like living with a pig grin. Eats piggy too.

cozietoesie Sun 02-Nov-14 11:49:39

Oneago used to growl at strangers. (He especially hated the postie.)

Just a thought - has Bunty had her shots? Seniorboy is given to occasional snoring and grunting and he has some residual cat flu problems. There may be no connection of course.

alltoomuchrightnow Sun 02-Nov-14 20:25:48

my four month old boy does it a lot in his sleep.. little piglet, and little squeaks

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