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14yo boy cat died a couple of weeks ago, whether to get 1yo girlcat another cat for company?

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Boysandme Mon 27-Oct-14 16:01:14

We have had two (now 14yo) cats for 13 years. They came together from the rescue centre and we assume were siblings.

Very sadly boycat died a couple of weeks ago, thankfully for him he was suddenly ill and died within 36hrs. The vet said he was weak but couldn't find anything specific wrong with him a few hours before he died. So we don't know what was wrong with him.

Girlcat is very confused, she keeps looking at us and expecting something. She never ate a lot but is being extremely picky about food and we are now going through the shelves at tesco to find something she'll eat. Girlcat has always been less friendly to us than boy cat was, not nasty but not too bothered.

We are torn as to whether it would be a good idea to get another rescue cat, ideally about a year old or whether it would be cruel to girlcat and she would hate it. I have no idea how long she'll last, we always assumed boy cat would outlive her by a few years but he went so suddenly. She has never been agile, is hermaphrodite and rather overweight.

Any thoughts on whether a new cat would be a good or bad idea? Kids are of course keen on getting another one.


Boysandme Mon 27-Oct-14 16:01:49

Oops typo in title. Girlcat is 14 not 1.

frostyfingers Mon 27-Oct-14 17:42:14

The only time I did this I have to say it was not a success. Existing cat took one look at her new companion and spent the rest of her life hissing or spitting at him, or just stalking off in a sulk. I think at 14 your old lady might prefer a solo life - but you know her best, does she seem to be pining or is she cruelly indifferent (as ours was!)?

chockbic Mon 27-Oct-14 18:18:31

She might be alright with an older cat but a kitten could be too much.

Boysandme Mon 27-Oct-14 19:54:50

Thank you both.

They were never the best of friends and did used to randomly whack each other as they walked past! But that always seemed like a standard sibling relationship to me.

I am torn between thinking she would hate it then thinking of the way she constantly looks up at me as if I'm going to magic him out of thin air again.

My gut says it is probably best to wait until she goes but my heart wants to get another one now.

Shame you can't try them for half an hour and see what happens, that would be a quick answer. Think we should probably leave it for now but I can't help looking at the local rehoming website. blush

Boysandme Mon 27-Oct-14 19:57:23

Chockbloc - would be thinking 1-3 yrs old ideally. But think we will wait.

arundeljones Sat 01-Nov-14 19:26:39

TBH cats are loners unless they are related, and an old cat might get pushed out by a younger one, or even move out. There is evidence that cats remember companions and miss them, so she might be doubly traumatised by a new cat because she is missing the other too.

I struggled with this when I lost a cat, it is weird getting used to it. I was tempted to fill the gap, but its worth resisting and it is lovely watching your cat get used to being queen of the house when she has been second cat before.

pigsDOfly Sat 01-Nov-14 20:22:36

My male and female cats were litter mates and although accepted each other were never bosom buddies.

Although both were very close to the family, like yours OP, he was very out going and friendly and she was more her own person and kept herself more to herself.

He was the one who was always first to investigate anything, he would greet people. If you were playing with her or grooming her he would come along and try to take over and she would just walk away and accept he should have his own way.

Boy cat also went first at 18 and half years and girl cat lived just over another year.

Tbh she didn't seem particularly phased by his absence after he died but she certainly seemed to be, not happier exactly, but seemed to come out of her shell, be more outgoing and enjoy being queen bee.

Did make me wonder if she would have been happier being the only cat in the house all along.

It always takes quite a period of adjustment when a new cat is brought into the house. I suspect, at your cat's age, rather than thinking 'ooh lovely another companion', she'd be pretty put out if another cat appeared, especially a kitten. Most adult cats don't seem to like kittens very much.

Boysandme Sun 02-Nov-14 22:31:00

Thank you both.

Pigsdofly - you have just described my two exactly. He would get jealous if you gave her attention and come over and demand it too.

She is coming out a bit more now and wanting attention that she never did before. She is also getting extra pampered though!

I think we know really that she wouldn't like another cat and the best thing is not to get one, so even though we'd love another one ourselves we won't be getting one.

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