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poorly eyes

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OohQuack Wed 03-Sep-14 22:17:11

Hello! Our cat had a poorly eye so we took her vet in feb and it was diagnosed as an eye ulcer, so we were treating it with pain killer and creams in her eye.anyway its not improved and the eye is much worse scabs over daily and her other eyes gone the same as the other did in feb.anyway last week vet admitted we had clearly been treating her for tje wrong thing as an ulcer cant infect the other eye with a new ulcer. We are seeing the eye vet tomorrow. Ive already decided she will be comfy with one eye but blind is no life for her so fingers crossed everyone

cozietoesie Wed 03-Sep-14 22:51:04

Fingers crossed indeed - although it sounds as if your vet has screwed up?

By the way - relax a tad. Blind and partially sighted cats do very well with only a bit of household organization to assist. It's not the end of the world.

cozietoesie Wed 03-Sep-14 23:07:13

You might like to check out this site. I'm not suggesting that she'll be blind but if you're aware of the issues, you might be more relaxed and objective during the specialist consultation.

Best of luck tomorrow and let us know how things go.

timtam23 Wed 03-Sep-14 23:14:38

Sorry to hear about your cat, I hope you get an answer tomorrow

If it is any reassurance my old cat was blind for a year or so before he died, it wasn't too bad to manage and he still had a reasonable quality of life. He went outside (although only into the back yard - no jumpin gthe wall as he used to do!) and he used his whiskers to judge distance etc so he was able to jump on & off things, and run downstairs quite fast. He loved his food, lots of strokes & pottering around. It wouldn't have suited everyone but we managed to accommodate the changes and keep him going for as long as he was remaining content. It is definitely doable if you can avoid moving the furniture too much!

cozietoesie Wed 03-Sep-14 23:26:39

I think that Seniorboy may have failing eyesight, actually. Let's face it, at his human-equivalent age, there would be precious few people without pebble glasses. We manage anyway: I keep the house 'as is' and we talk a lot to each other as we have for many years.

OohQuack Thu 04-Sep-14 00:54:31

This is giving me hooe ladies.shes 13 and from what your saying she would still be happy sans eyes if needs be. I hooe thats the case, shes certainly not happy right now,shespends most of the day under my bed, probably in pain cos when she has her pain killers she'll comedown(once the toddlers in bed) and brave walking past the yorkie.fingers crossed for her. Oohheres a photo so you can see what wrong with thepoor love sad

RubbishMantra Thu 04-Sep-14 01:36:03

Oh, poor cat, and poor you.

I would be looking for a different vet's.

But as other posters have said, cats don't rely on their eyesight anywhere near as much as we humans do.

She looks just like my B&W, complete with demi-moustache!

Lonecatwithkitten Thu 04-Sep-14 07:42:00

Gish I amazed that in 6 months they have not at least taken advice from a specialist. We have a panel who we can regularly contact for advice on difficult cases that may not be suitable to visit thm for a variety of reasons.

cozietoesie Thu 04-Sep-14 07:47:21

You're a responsible vet though Lone.

OohQuack Thu 04-Sep-14 12:19:50

Ok so shes been kept in, she'll have biopsy, xray and eyebll removal today, hes going to try new treatment on the other eye. He thinks its a kind of tumour. Fingers crossed for her

cozietoesie Thu 04-Sep-14 12:34:21

Let us know how she gets on. Fingers crossed.

timtam23 Thu 04-Sep-14 19:15:24

Oh the poor cat, that eye doesn't look right at all. I really hope the vet is finally able to do something about it. Fingers crossed. I do think loss of eyesight need not be the end of the road for cats, my vet was certainly very positive about how my cat would cope & he did not think it would be cruel to keep going unless there were other problems affecting his quality of life

Keep us posted about the biopsy/op

Fluffycloudland77 Thu 04-Sep-14 20:32:12

Good god that looks so painful. Fingers crossed for her.

OohQuack Fri 05-Sep-14 14:34:18

Her nine lives are up she was ut sleep mid operation because the type of tumour it was would have kept driwing and we would have had to put her through it all again in a few months. Im going to say bye at half very upset sad

OohQuack Fri 05-Sep-14 14:34:41

Kept growing*

Fluffycloudland77 Fri 05-Sep-14 14:45:34

Oh dear, that's just awful. Poor little cat. I am sorry for you all.

timtam23 Fri 05-Sep-14 14:54:31

That's dreadful news, so sorry flowers

cozietoesie Fri 05-Sep-14 19:10:02

So sorry for the poor girl. Take care of yourself.

OohQuack Fri 05-Sep-14 20:23:24

Thank you, i went to see her this afternoon, took my dog for support. I was pleased i saw her and feel better for going and i know in my heart i did the best for her, im so glad she was insured though!! RIP beautiful snoobs :-(

cozietoesie Sun 07-Sep-14 08:45:04

How are you doing, Ooh ?

OohQuack Sun 07-Sep-14 09:12:31

Im getting there, thank you. Made the error of going past the vets yesterday, i was fine until i got the toddler to 'wave to snoobs' sad should have gone the long way home!

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