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Anyone invented a timer catflap yet?

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moggle Wed 03-Sep-14 16:35:14

We lock our cats in at night and for the last 4 years have done this with a petporte microchip flap that has a light detection feature and locks automatically between dusk and dawn. We did have a simple 4-way locking flap to start with, but we're often away at the weekends, and of course at work until after dark in the winter, so wanted something more automated. To be honest it was overkill though as we didn't need the microchip capability.

We're now moving and in the new house the catflap will probably need to be in a french door. The petporte needs mains power for the night mode to work and I think the wire will look fairly ugly on a glass panel, so am wondering what other options there are. So far the only one I've found is the Elite 'selective' model I think by petsafe, which has a timer and is battery powered, but once again is overkill for us as it has tags for the cats to allow entry and is in the �70 region.

So does anyone know of any other catflaps with timer function or other night/day setting?

Also on a related issue, does anyone have any views on whether it's better to put the catflap in a double glazed french door or in the wall? If it makes a difference we're hoping to be in this house long term. The only other option is the front door, but I'm not really keen on that idea and it'll probably be almost as expensive as getting it put in the glass panel.

Anticyclone Sat 06-Sep-14 21:39:37

We also have French doors and ended up drilling a mahoosive hole in the wall next to them to fit our sure flap into.

As it's a cavity wall with two layers of bricks there is a good 30cm for the cat to negotiate going from inside to outside, but sure flap do these plastic tunnel pieces which you can attach together to make a nice plastic tube which spans the gap!

We had to invite a friend over who owned a large hammer drill and wasn't afraid to use it, but other than that it was reasonably straightforward.

I'm sure this would work with a pet porte too.

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