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How do I stop the poop/peeing everywhere?

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malachite Thu 28-Aug-14 18:32:34


We rescued a kitten a couple of months ago (she's now almost 6 months old) and we already have a 3 year old cat. The kitten was litter trained when we got her and used the litter tray without any problems initially but then she developed stomach trouble and started doing explosive runny poops on the carpet under the coffee table. We took her to the vets. She's fine but has a sensitive stomach and needs special dry kitten food only. The runny poo stopped but she continued pooping on the carpet in various places as well as in her litter tray.

We were advised to get a 2nd litter tray, which we have, but it's been completely ignored by both cats. On more advice we started shutting her in the room with the litter tray every morning until she poops and then giving her a treat when we let her out. This seemed to work and we had several days without any accidents but then she started weeing in places she shouldn't and now she's started pooping on the floor next to the litter tray instead of in it.

I love her but she's driving me nuts! Anyone got any advice?


SilveryMoon Thu 28-Aug-14 18:46:01

I feel your pain. I have a rescue cat and she was an absolute nightmare. We got to the stage where the vet agreed to pts.
Anyway, my cat is an indoor cat and was peeing everywhere. I had her checked a number of times and although it was inconclusive whether she had urinary tract problems, the vet thought best to treat her that way so she had a specialist wet food. I was told to keep her off dry food and to put a table spoon of water on the top to keep her hydrated. She still went for the dry food which was out for my other cat.
We already had 2 litter trays but i replaced one with a covered tray on advice from vet. Yet adding some cat nip to draw her into it.
My cat used to pee on my bed, was awful and went on for well over a year.
I tried the plug ins but made no difference and she even started peeing underneath it!
The one thing that i think stopped it was that on advice from here i changed the litter from a wood chip to a sandy clumping one and she hasn't peed outside the box since. Well once but we went away for the weekend so i expected that.

SilveryMoon Thu 28-Aug-14 18:47:24

Try adding some cat nip to the litter tray, is what i meant to say up there. Excuse the phone

Fluffycloudland77 Thu 28-Aug-14 18:53:29

The ultra expensive ultra clumping litter seems to attract some of them, it's definitely worth a try.

Sanicat gold or sainsburys ultra clump have both been used here.

Plus the depth matters, fluffy cat likes to be paw deep hmm.

malachite Sun 31-Aug-14 17:14:39

Thanks. I like the wood pellet litter best but I suppose if it will stop the problem I could switch to clumping stuff. I hadn't thought of cat nip so I will try that first!


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