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elderley cat being sick

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chocolatespiders Thu 28-Aug-14 18:04:39

My beautiful Grey girl who is 20 is being sick once to twice a week . just seems to bring up food sometimes a bit of fluid. Sometimes quite soon after she has eaten sometimes in the night.
Other than this she seems well.
I am in a dilemma of what to do. Do I take her to the vet something that would be traumatic for her. Not sure I want tests done on her at this age. If the vet tells us the worst news me and 2 dd's will be absolutely heartbroken. I have had her since she was 8 weeks old and my children are 17 and 10 so big part of their lives. We obviously don't eat her to suffer to spare ouyr feelings.

cozietoesie Thu 28-Aug-14 18:10:15

Ach. Is she eating/drinking and using her tray as normal?

chocolatespiders Thu 28-Aug-14 18:15:02

Thanks for replying cozie- She is eating well just not keeping it down well. Drinking fine. Going outside fine.
I thought her teeth may hurt as good was coming back whole. Swaspped her to perts at home gourmet types tiny find of mousse as thought itb would be easier. The sickest was before the food swap though

chockbic Thu 28-Aug-14 18:53:01

Does she seem to have any tartar on her teeth?

Ours was prone to it. The vet gave us some logic toothpaste. You put it on the leg and its licked off. It breaks down tartar.

Regarding food, both our girls had sickness as they got older. Its a case of trial and error to not upset their stomach. We ended up using applaws chicken and rice pouches. For dry food, iams chicken.

chocolatespiders Thu 28-Aug-14 20:55:28

I have not looked at her teeth - she had a few out some years ago.

I am currently trying her with James well beloved kitten softened with water.

spanky2 Thu 28-Aug-14 21:05:07

Twenty! Wow! Best to take her to the vet to be sure. I am nursing a 16 year old boy cat. He has arthritis, over active thyroid, kidney failure, inflamed gums and dry eyes. But as my grandad said, the rusty hinge falls off last. It is so worrying though. Try smaller more regular portions. I worry about our regular trips to the vet, but get her a treat for when she gets back. Try not to think the worst as wanting to eat is a really good sign.

spanky2 Thu 28-Aug-14 21:08:41

Actually, the kitten food might not be the right balance of protein etc for an elderly cat. One vet told me that they need specific food for senior cats for ease of digestion, or protein levels or something. Sorry i am not more specific.

chocolatespiders Thu 28-Aug-14 21:17:48

Thankyou- I had better check - thought the kitten food might be smaller bits and more gentle on her tummy!
You sound very kind spanky and your cat sounds well looked after smile

timtam23 Thu 28-Aug-14 23:11:43

Over the last year I nursed 2 old cats along (both sadly died in the end but they did both reach 18 years old) and my vet was very lovely about giving advice over the phone (usually they would have insisted on an appointment but I think they were sympathetic to the plight of an old chronically-ill mog and the trauma of taking them back & forth to the vet). If you have a good relationship with your vet, or one who knows the cat well, might be worth asking if they think she absolutely must be seen or if they could advise over the phone?

Have to say I did give one of my old cats kitten food as he really loved it and I thought at his age it would not do much harm, it was better to eat something than nothing.

spanky2 Fri 29-Aug-14 21:02:22

Thank you. How did your lovely girl get on?

chocolatespiders Fri 29-Aug-14 23:06:10

Grey girl has had a good day. Checked the food and it is not kitten it is senior- the bits were a lot smaller so I thought it was kitten. She has had tesco kitten pate though! I have been softening the James wellbeloved it with hot water letting it cool then adding some tuna and giving her small amounts.

chocolatespiders Fri 29-Aug-14 23:11:24

Timtam - good idea about ringing the vets, will see how she is over the weekend. I have spoken to the vet about putting her to sleep when the time comes and what happens at the appointment.
I wanted to bring her home and have her cremated then ashes put into sleeping cat cast iron sleeping cat statue. Older daughter not happy with me bringing her home dead.
I should not be talking about her like this and do feel guilty but I need it clear in my head what I will do. Not sure I want her put in freezer at the vets with dogs etc.

spanky2 Sun 31-Aug-14 09:46:06

Thank you for update. With old cats it is day by day.

cozietoesie Sun 31-Aug-14 10:03:20

No need to feel guilty. Having thought out the practicalities in advance helps you to be stronger and calmer on the day - which is a good gift to them.

Hope she's having a decent weekend.

TheGirlOnTheLanding Sun 31-Aug-14 10:32:18

I hope your grey girl perks up but don't be afraid of getting her checked out. Our old boy (17) went through a period of bringing food back up. We feared the worst. The vet initially thought cancer too but it turned out to be an inflamed gut which meant he couldn't tolerate rich food. He's now on steroids permanently, and we have found one brand of senior food that suits him, so he has that or fresh fish all the time. He has put back on all his weight and looks like he did five years ago. I know we won't have him forever, but getting him quality of life while we do have him means the world.
So it may be with medication your old lady can feel better for a while yet. Fingers crossed for you.

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