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Anyone else tried Vet's Kitchen food?

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cozietoesie Tue 26-Aug-14 20:34:41

The other day I bought some Vet's Kitchen crunch treats for Seniorboy. (I'm always trying new things for him to keep his interest up.) When I received them, I discovered that they're the normal size but decided to put down a few anyway in a dish to accompany his supper. Three nights running now and he's scoffed the lot in the middle of the night each time.

(He shouldn't even be able to eat them with his teeth and he's notoriously finicky about food.)

Anyone else had experience with this range? It looks quite good (all natural, no artificial additives, high meat content etc.)

Sparklingbrook Tue 26-Aug-14 20:38:36

No experience, sorry. I did see it though and thought 'ooh it's that lovely Joe Inglis off the student vets programme' I loved that. smile I was very sad when he split up with Emma. <irrelevant/unhelpful emoticon>

TamzinGrey Wed 27-Aug-14 00:52:00

Hi Cozie. My old girl loves Vets Kitchen dried food and is also prone to scoffing generous quantities during the night. She's an extremely fussy little madam, but has been happily eating this for several months now, and I'm delighted, because, as you've said, it's full of good stuff.

Is Seniorboy still on the green lipped mussels? Tamzincat is still talking hers every day and I'm sure that it makes a difference.

cozietoesie Wed 27-Aug-14 08:46:55

Thanks Sparkling and Tamzin.

I'm afraid that although it did seem to be helping, Seniorboy's arthritis became just too advanced for Green Lipped Mussel extract and his vet has allowed him to go on supplemental hard pain meds which are suiting very well in his particular circumstances. The spare Green Mussel supplements, having already been bought, have now gone to The Lodger who while being a much much younger cat is also an outside-going boy in wind and rain - so I'm hoping that they'll help there being the sort of case which they're probably better for. If I hear, I'll report back on how they do.


TamzinGrey Wed 27-Aug-14 19:39:48

Oh dear - so sorry Cozie that Seniorboy's arthritis has become worse, but it's good that the meds are helping. I'm sure that it's just a matter of time now until Tamzincat has to go onto proper arthritis meds. Although she can still spring up onto chairs very elegantly, I've noticed that she's dragging her left leg more and more, especially after she's just got up after a big sleep.

When the time comes I'll be on here asking you for advice about the best meds to give her.

cozietoesie Wed 27-Aug-14 20:01:44

Well he's an old old boy now so not so surprising. I can't remember how old Tamzincat is but if she's dragging her leg in such a way that you've actually noticed (they're usually so good at concealing disabilities) then I think I'd have her to the vet sooner rather than later. (There seems to be no issue about/contraindication for taking Green Mussel with other meds so you shouldn't be required to give that up.)

TamzinGrey Wed 27-Aug-14 21:19:22

Tamzincat is a grand old lady of 18 now. I have to take her to the vet every six weeks to get a sebaceous cyst drained (a hugely expensive 10 second procedure - but too risky at her age to have it operated on) and I always insist on a thorough check up while we're there. The vet is aware of her arthritic leg, but hasn't suggested meds so far. I'm going to mention it again when I take her next week.

I'm worried about side effects though. Has Seniorboy had any problems?

MissPricklePants Wed 27-Aug-14 21:39:04

My moggie loves Vets Kitchen dry food (she has butchers wet food) The main reason I thought I would try it was due to the higher meat content, all natural etc. When I first got my girly she was on whiskas and go cat (in the rescue) and it upset her tummy all the time. This food is great for her, reasonable price and fills her up! She wolfs it down and her coat is so glossy now!

cozietoesie Wed 27-Aug-14 23:32:48

Tamzincat is of an age with Seniorboy then although a little younger.

His vet is very active for older animals and put him on meds as soon as I went to her with his pooing accidents. He's had no side effects from the meloxicam or the lactulose and he's been taking them for over two years now. She used to take bloods every 5/6 months but now doesn't bother in view of his age and the difficulty of getting them from him and, I think, is just going by his good weight maintaining and condition. (With the occasional urine analysis which is easy peasy in comparison.)

The supplemental pain meds are given by me also (since late April) and judged according to whether he's showing he needs a little assist. (Works out about one dose every other day.) They make him sleepy for a couple of hours after administration but you'd expect that - and no other ill-effects that I can see.

Here's the ICC guidance on the condition. You might find it useful to read that before going next to the vet.

cozietoesie Thu 28-Aug-14 00:36:04

Interesting, Miss. I bought the treats because - well - I try lots of things to keep him interested and these sounded quite good, I was just surprised by how much he likes them. (He doesn't seem that enthusiastic about many foods.)

TamzinGrey Thu 28-Aug-14 22:59:07

Thanks for the info Cozie. The ICC guidance is really interesting.

Tamzincat still gallups up the stairs like a demented kitten when the mood takes her, and she can jump onto high chairs very gracefully, so I don't think that her arthritis is too bad at present. Her left leg is clearly not right though so I am going to talk to the vet - once again - next week.

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