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I am rehoming two cats :)

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NewEraNewMindset Tue 26-Aug-14 10:50:26

I have been in the market for rehoming a cat or cats for a few months now as we are settled in our own property after renting for a few years.

Went to see two tortoiseshell sisters at the weekend, half Maine Coone so fluffy! - fortunately they love to be brushed. The owners parents are moving to another country and the family home is now sold so these cats were potentially going to end up in a rescue shelter.

Years ago I had to rehome my adult cat due to my housing circumstances suddenly changing (lost my job) and I'm really glad we can offer a new home in the same way that someone kindly offered a new home to my cat.

These are the kitties grin

IScreamForIceCream Tue 26-Aug-14 10:53:22

They're beauties - so fluffy!

mygrandchildrenrock Tue 26-Aug-14 10:59:18

How lovely, I hope they settle into their new home without too many difficulties. One of my daughters re-homed two adult cats and it took them quite a while to get used to their new surroundings.

NewEraNewMindset Tue 26-Aug-14 11:04:57

We met them and one was very friendly and the other was more cautious so I am expecting issues. Fortunately I have had cats all my life so I think I will be able to make them feel safe.

My plan is a stairgate on the kitchen door so they can eat in peace and a cat litter by the cat flap plus a cat litter in a bedroom upstairs so they can escape my son and stay high and quiet. I'm also going to get some Feliway. Obviously we will have the same good they are used to and they will have each other which I'm hoping will help then feel secure.

NewEraNewMindset Tue 26-Aug-14 11:05:39


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