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is your cat a bit disgusting too or is it just mine?

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JuniperTisane Mon 25-Aug-14 21:12:23

The Lion is currently preening himself in the only acceptable spot to him - my lap. This would be fine except he is currently soaking wet, got bits of hay and wood chips tangled in his long tail fur and he smells of damp hmm He keeps trying to kiss me envy <heave>.

Manky disgusting bugger.

chockbic Mon 25-Aug-14 21:19:34

I laughed at this. Sorry.

Mine would slurp along her chops and other bits.


JuniperTisane Mon 25-Aug-14 21:30:29

He's a bit drier now. Still manky though.

grim is the right word.

DramaAlpaca Mon 25-Aug-14 21:34:24

Mine just came in through the cat flap resembling a soggy otter.

After demanding a towel dry and a good dinner he is now curled up next to me, washing his hindquarters slurpily and breathing disgusting fishy fumes all over me.


littleblackno Mon 25-Aug-14 21:37:40

Mine do this on my pillow at 2am. I'm having to change my bedding daily as it's covered in bloody mud. Littleblackboycat brought me in a mouse and put it on my bed a couple of days ago - at 4am.

sashh Thu 28-Aug-14 10:38:52

Not just mine then.

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