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Sore ears anyone??

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girliefriend Sat 23-Aug-14 22:06:37

Noticed tonight that my boy cats ears are sore. The inside part looks scabby and as if it has been bleeding recently.

Any ideas what this could be? My first thought was if he had been fighting or if our other cat has been a bit over zealous when play fighting....

I tried to wash them with cooled boiled water and small amount of disinfectant as worried they may get infected.

Obv if no improvement will take to the vets next week, he is otherwise his normal self.

RubbishMantra Sat 23-Aug-14 23:16:18

Is there any stinky, brown waxy stuff? If so, could be ear mites?

thecatneuterer Sun 24-Aug-14 00:10:40

I would suspect ear mites as well.

girliefriend Sun 24-Aug-14 10:04:33

Oh really? Is that a vet job? They don't seem to be bothering him particularly, cats seem to be costing me a fortune at the mo sad

RubbishMantra Sun 24-Aug-14 16:11:15

I reckon so girlie, they are little mites that burrow under the skin. Itching causes scratching, causing the scabs.

Maybe ring the vets first, they may be able to recommend something.

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