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One cat missing - will the other cat remember it if/when it returns?

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LoopyLa Thu 14-Aug-14 15:12:04

So my boycat disappeared on Saturday sad and not been seen since. We're regularly checking neighbourhood & will be putting flyers up & posting leaflets through doors etc. I've contacted vets, local cat shelter, animal search website, national pet register & council too.

But my question is about his (non blood related) sister. Boycat & girlcat became friends in the shelter back in feb/march and as they couldn't be separated, I adopted them both. She's really pining for him at the moment, but I'm worried that when/if he returns that they won't remember each other? And the longer they're apart, is that likely? If he doesn't return, I'd be tempted to get another puss so girlcat isn't so lonely but then what happens if boycat then returned? confused

Sorry I'm rambling. Just wondered if anyone had this situation where 2 cats had been separated, then reunited again?

LoopyLa Fri 15-Aug-14 09:08:44


YeGodsAndLittleFishes Fri 15-Aug-14 09:14:40

I think the girl cat will remember him forever if anxthing like mine. When our boy cat was run over she pined for him for about a year. We were going to get another cat but the boy cat didn't actually treat her very well and she is much more attached to us humans. (She thinks we are stupid cats.)
She has adjusted to him not being there now and makes do with us poor mousers who don't laze around bundling enough.

AuntieStella Fri 15-Aug-14 09:14:44

Give Girlcat a stroke from me, and I hope Boycat returns soon.

I have a friend with 3 cats, adopted together from a rescue (2 litter mates plus one pal). One goes for an annual walkabout for weeks in the summer (rural, presumably hunting own food) and comes home when the weather cools. The other two more homely cats know him instantly.

Missus2ndwife Fri 15-Aug-14 09:32:07

I had a cat go missing for 14months and she still remembered her furry brother (non related) when she returned.
I hope your boycat returns soon. They really have no clue how much you are worrying about them xx

LoopyLa Fri 15-Aug-14 20:15:53

Thanks all. She's so flipping loud & clingy now - and she was the extroverted & brave one before! We've started to post out leaflets so hoping to hear something soon - fingers crossed smile

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