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Cat flap problem

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CabbagePatchCheryl Thu 14-Aug-14 09:44:07

We moved house a year ago. In the old place, our cat (pic attached just because I love him) was not allowed out at night. We would feed him at dinner time and then lock the cat flap. Worked fine - he didn't get run over and we didn't get too many little presents.

When we moved to our new place, he was super nervous about going out in the day (I think because it's a new estate and there are hardly any trees, shrubs etc and he felt exposed). So I let him go out at night, on the basis the roads are VERY quiet and I felt bad if he was stuck indoors.

Anyway, we've since had a couple of issues - one where he went missing for 24 hours (unheard of) and secondly he brings us truly the most enormous amount of prey (dead and alive) - about 1 poor little beast per night.

I decided to try shutting him in again - we have a lockable Petsafe flap - but bloody Houdini somehow always ends up outside anyway!! I suspect he just bashes his daft head against it till it opens. Idiot.

I am a bit worried that he will get run over eventually and I am sick of being up to my elbows in mice, shrews, blackbirds, magpies. Once even a slice of cheese on toast (god knows, don't ask).

Erm, help? Any advice/thoughts gratefully received...

Germgirl Thu 14-Aug-14 09:56:48

We have a magnetic cat flap. Idiot cat regularly loses his collars & therefore the magnet which opens the flap. Like your boy he then just headbutts it till it opens so I don't think you can do much about that.
If we really don't want him to go out we lock the flap & put the kitchen bin in front of it. He's not managed to move that yet although he tries.
Has your cat got a bell on his collar? They do work a little bit but sadly some cats are hunters & that's that.
I think blocking the flap at night & encouraging him out during the day is the thing to do. Could you try taking him round the area on a lead during the day so he can explore but you're close by if he gets scared?

CabbagePatchCheryl Thu 14-Aug-14 10:07:07

Thanks germy wink

We had exactly the same thing with a magnetic cat flap (first one we had) - I would find him inside the house but collar nowhere to be seen confused

Blocking the flap is a good idea - might try it. He's going to be so angry though. Also thought about a bell but he doesn't keep a collar on for more than 5 minutes so gave up.

He is a lovely total PITA smile

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