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Two boisterous cats, one being neutered tomorrow.

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RubbishMantra Sun 10-Aug-14 21:56:54

MKitten is to be neutered tomorrow. Obviously rationally I know this is of course for the best, but still have The Fear. sad

He and MCat (both boys) spend most of their time doing rufty-tufty together, which they both enjoy lots. Sometimes this becomes quite violent and elicits squawks.

Can anyone advise me if/how I should keep them apart, and for how long? My house is pretty open plan, so only option would be stashing post-op MKitten in a bedroom.

Also, I can't recall if stitches or glue are used for neutering now.


Lunastarfish Sun 10-Aug-14 22:02:05

When my cat was neutered (about 4 years ago) there was no stitches or glue. They just tie the ball sacs into a knot!!

Perhaps have a buster collar for the neutered cat, he'll be less able to play. Besides, he'll be drowsy so will probably miaow at the other cat to keep the hell away. I don't think you necessarily need to separate them, but keeping an eye on them may be required.

catsdogsandbabies Sun 10-Aug-14 22:06:47

For boys no stitches or glue. Tubes tied off. Maybe keep him in bedroom overnight as he may not feel much like rough and tumble but by morning he'll be fine!

RubbishMantra Sun 10-Aug-14 22:07:17

Meant to include a photo of the boys.

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 10-Aug-14 22:08:45

Mine was fine from 7:30 the next morning. I think they just leave it open. Cats take stitches out anyway.

I was a wreck for days.

They are FAB... I love Mkitten's expression :D (hope he's not too cross tomorrow)

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 10-Aug-14 22:11:26

He's growing into those ears isn't he? He's got such attitude on him.

I love an mkitten photo.

RubbishMantra Sun 10-Aug-14 22:23:41

Haha, they are a handsome pair aren't they! <biased>

As soon as he grows into his ears, they grow a bit more...

cozietoesie Sun 10-Aug-14 22:31:25

He's getting positively muscly !

I've never used a collar - just sat with them on return and kept a general eye on them. (Mainly because mine have always been daft after GAs and go harum scarum around as best they can until they collapse into sleep about 10.00 - so it's really to act as a protector for a bit.) They've always been completely back to normal by the next morning.

RubbishMantra Mon 11-Aug-14 08:14:38

He is looking rather hench isn't he cozie. smile

Oh, time to take him in soon. He just seems so small. I know he's ready though, as his, ahem, balls are very pronounced, and he's started humping furry, inanimate objects with a vengeance.

He's asking for his breakfast, but obviously no food or water allowed for now. sad

cozietoesie Mon 11-Aug-14 08:28:04

You can't help feeling awful, I know, because it's elective surgery when he's well - has to be done though. That type of breed end up with only three things on their minds if they're entire - feeding, fighting and fornicating. (I recall, as a child, a neighbour up the road aways had an aversion to neutering for any animal and had an entire Siamese who was never out of the vets. His ears were like lace from scraps. (She also had a whole house of cats - 50 or 60, say - but that's another story.))

Good luck to him and let us know how he gets on.

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 11-Aug-14 09:55:14

What time can you collect him? I sobbed all the way home from dropping fluffycat off.

CatKisser Mon 11-Aug-14 09:59:35

Oh God, I remember when I got Scabbers back from being neutered - he was very disorientated, vomited once, tried to piss in the litter tray and missed. I was REALLY upset but honestly, I just took us up to bed, tucked him in and in the morning he was 100% fine. No stitches, no problems, nothing.

RubbishMantra Mon 11-Aug-14 12:04:19

Thanks for the reassurance. smile

They said he'll have had it done by 2-ish, they'll then give me a call to tell me when we can bring him home. I think they said around 4, but I was a bit all over the place.

Cozie - he's already begun the fornication, doing it about 4 times a day at least. He's also starting to show an interest in MCat's 'intimate area'. Needless to say, he's not impressed with MKitten snuffling around the place his balls used to be.

cozietoesie Mon 11-Aug-14 12:37:38

They'll let him recover and give you a buzz when he's out of the GA (sort of) and seems fine. Around 4 seems about right although last time Seniorboy had a GA, I had to pick him up at close on 17.45. (I think though that She Who Must Be Obeyed the Chief Vet Nurse just wanted more time with him. I could hear coos of 'Who's my bestest bestest boy then ?' (squawk response) from the depths of the post-op room behind the scenes. (I have exceptional hearing.)

cozietoesie Mon 11-Aug-14 17:56:30

Is he back?

RubbishMantra Mon 11-Aug-14 18:37:12

Yes, he's back! smile

You know what you said about your cat going loopy after a GA cozie? Well mine is - as soon as he got out of his carrier, he ran up his (very tall) scratching post, and down head-first like a squirrel! He gobbled some food, then screamed for more (only allowed a little bit after his ordeal). He then played with all of his toys, got bored of that and then carried my shoes around the house.

He's now licking his food bowl clean (again). I gave him a very small amount of food as advised - how long should I leave it before giving him a little more? He's ravenous! Whatever drugs they gave him have given him extreme munchies!

So relieved to have the little nutter home! grin

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 11-Aug-14 18:51:58

It's the yummy painkillers. I bounced out of my last op and went to McDonald's.

I crashed for 10 days. He'll crash tonight too.

Yay indeed.

RubbishMantra Mon 11-Aug-14 19:20:48

Ah, I get the same thing after sedation at the dentist.

He's pushing his empty food bowl around the kitchen again, after I gave in to the pitiful wails and gave him a tiny bit more food, with lots of water mixed in so it was a sort of broth. They said he must drink plenty of water, so a good way to get it into him.

cozietoesie Mon 11-Aug-14 21:11:45

All sounds OK so far - and he should, with any luck, crash out shortly and be out for the count until morning.

How's your other boy reacting to his return?

RubbishMantra Mon 11-Aug-14 22:57:03

All day MCat was clingy and vocal, but been angsty and hissing at MKitten since returning from the vet's. confused

No sign of MKitten slowing down, he's still doing laps around the house, very hyper. He's sleeping with DH and I tonight, to keep them separate in his delicate (?) state. Probably not a lot of sleep for us then...

cozietoesie Mon 11-Aug-14 23:04:51

Gosh, that's late. You need to go to bed and have things darker and quieter perhaps. (I usually just take any of my boys to bed about 22.00 after a GA and read a book/watch a quietish movie for a bit. Then they conk.)

MCat will likely be reacting to the kitten's slightly odd smell and his changed ways. It should be OK tomorrow or the next day.

cozietoesie Mon 11-Aug-14 23:07:34

PS - has he used his tray yet? Their peeing and pooing routine is usually put out by the whole day's events and it can unsettle them a bit.

RubbishMantra Mon 11-Aug-14 23:24:25

I thought that may be the reason MCat was hissy towards him - he seemed to be worried while MK was in the vet's.

Yes - we're going to take him up to bed, hopefully the poor little thing will crash. (I know I will, shattered, been gardening all day to take my mind of MK's procedure.)

He's weed in his tray, and excavated half his litter in the process...

cozietoesie Mon 11-Aug-14 23:33:24

Good luck. smile

(Of course, letting him sleep in bed after his op means he'll likely be there from now on. Just saying.)

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