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Sister grieving....does she need a companion?

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Squarepegina Sat 09-Aug-14 07:45:23

I posted last weekend about the tragic death of our beautiful male cat and you were so kind. Some of you had been through the same thing and so am hoping you might share your experiences. We have had cats for yonks but all have died in old age so we have never experienced a short tragic end, nor have we had siblings before.

We are left with his sister. She is and always has been the more timid of the two. They were a very affectionate sibling pair, slept together and played together. But for the last three weeks she has been noticeably quieter. I actively try and engage her with cuddles and play ( she is only two....and despite being more timid she was always the more playful one), but as soon as I stop she withdraws to a dark corner in an unoccupied bedroom. She is also eating very little and has to be coaxed with treats. He has been gone now for 4 weeks.

Do we let this run it's course or should we find her a companion? I have read that a sibling bond can never be replicated so would another kitten ( I'm thinking kitten so as not to threaten her ) be pointless for her?

If we do offer another one a home, male or female? I loved our boy and he was very loving. But we have only had an older rescue Tom before and now I'm wondering if a young male cat will always wander and get himself into trouble ( despite ours being neutered) . I'm terrified of another cat coming to harm in our care. On the other hand I've read that a female would get on better with a male companion and would not like another female that wasn't her sibling.

I know there is no definitive right and wrong answer but if anyone could share their experiences I would be so grateful. As well as our own grief it is so sad watching our remaining sweetie like this and want to help her any way we can.

Thank you.

sashh Sat 09-Aug-14 10:01:55

Not an expert but I follow the critter room cam and FDJ has said that his other cats are more playful now he has adopted Trillian.

If you don't understand that^

There is some evidence that cats play more when a kitten is introduced to them, also cats are more likely to accept a kitten than an adult cat.

We are in the same position.. and in three weeks are taking on two more kittens.
Weirdly our remaining cat Portia didn't seem that fond of Morph (RIP) but since he has gone she hasn't been herself. First she became very anxious, and avoided us, now she is friendly but refusing to eat.. (see my 'cooking coley at 11pm post) I think she is simply missing having another cat around, even tho he annoyed her a lot!

I'm not expecting it to be all plain sailing, but am hoping she might like them, or at least, feel top cat in a busy cat house again!

CatKisser Sat 09-Aug-14 10:33:39

I had 2 cats and one got run over a few months ago. I sought a companion for the remaining boy the very next week as I couldn;t bear to see him calling around the house for her.
I went to visit this cat with an open mind but he was a friendly little thing I knew it was the right thing to do - brought him home and no regrets at all.
Just IME, it doesn;t seem to matter whether they're siblings or not, as long as they bond.

starsandunicorns Sat 09-Aug-14 10:55:12

My parents had cats growing first had 2 sisters when first one died mum got cat 3 then the other sister died mum got two kittens then a stray boy cat arrived so had 4 cats as each passed she didn't replace them but when the two sisters were both poorly and they the remaining ones she got both pts at the same time as didnt want to get another cat

there was a pecking order and a good few fights when boy cat arrived till he decided his fav

Squarepegina Sat 09-Aug-14 12:13:14

Thanks for your experiences. Medusa I'm going to look for your coley cooking post...might need it!

Oldraver Fri 15-Aug-14 00:18:58

I had two siblings and fat cat got run over about 6 weeks ago. His sister did seem to go a bit quiet although in the later years they didnt seem to get on, so we wern't convinced she was pining. It turned out she had a kidney tumour and although it does sound as though you cat might be missing their sibling, Iwould get them checked out if they are not eating

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