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LastingLight Thu 31-Jul-14 16:59:58

Got home this afternoon to find a dead snake underneath DH's chair in our study. Thanks kitties! I'm looking at you, new boy. It's a harmless little slug eater, luckily, as we also have dangerous snakes in our area.

CatKisser Thu 31-Jul-14 17:02:11

Haha, you're not in England, I assume? (Or I've just never heard of slug eaters!!!)
I remember as a child seeing my granny's cat tossing something up in it's front paws in a field. I went over to find it was a most put out grass snake! Lucky though as we had a few adders round there

IHaveBrilloHair Thu 31-Jul-14 17:04:15

Oh my fucking good god, where do you live?

Bowlersarm Thu 31-Jul-14 17:06:47

Euuughhhhh, that's scuppered DH's hopes of getting a cat. I couldn't bear a snake in the house.....(making my skin crawl just typing that)

LastingLight Thu 31-Jul-14 17:25:07

Cape Town smile The previous time we found a snake in the house (several years ago) it was still alive. We didn't know what kind of snake it was so even though it was quite small we approached it carefully and trapped it in an ice cream container. There are vineyards at the back of our house so we decided to release it. Unfortunately this meant getting it either through or over our palisade fencing. We decided that the best way to go about it was to toss the snake in the container over the fence, mentally apologising to the farmer for littering. DH didn't notice that the wind was blowing strongly from the direction of the vineyards. When he tossed the container it came straight back at him... we never found out where the snake went!

Ohwhatfuckeryisthis Thu 31-Jul-14 17:26:52

My lovely cat in Australia was killed by snake bite.

redrubyindigo Thu 31-Jul-14 23:29:11

My old cat once caught a snake and brought it in through the cat flap. It was wound tightly around his neck so I wasn't too sure if he was killing the snake or the snake was killing him!

I had to be rescued by a neighbour. I am terrified of snakes.

pigsDOfly Fri 01-Aug-14 01:21:15

And I used to get freaked out when my lovely cat used to bring in live wood mice.

Obviously I was massively over reactingsmile

LastingLight Fri 01-Aug-14 09:09:52

That's very sad Ohwhatfuckeryisthis.

cozietoesie Fri 01-Aug-14 09:19:00

I have one of those Indian snake toys - the sort that are articulated by glueing pieces of wood onto a leather strip - and if held in the middle, they wriggle and are sinuous just like a real snake. It's fascinating to watch a young kitten presented with it - a bit like First Mirror or First Snow. They go into completely serious attack and defend mode so there's clearly something in their instinct that tells them 'Snakes Are Trouble'.

(These days, I show it to Seniorboy and he just looks at me with a 'You've got to be joking' gaze on his face.)

RubbishMantra Fri 01-Aug-14 15:29:55

After reading your post cozie, my curiosity got the better of me, and have just ordered a sinuous wooden snake for MKitten!

LastingLight Sun 10-Aug-14 14:26:56

He brought in two more snakes this weekend, one of them alive. Any ideas on how to go about snake aversion therapy???

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 10-Aug-14 14:49:12

I think your cats doing your snake therapy for you.

You obviously have a g&t cat. He's saving you a fortune.

LastingLight Sun 10-Aug-14 15:10:09


WitchWay Sun 10-Aug-14 19:03:59

Is your cat a mongoose? grin

LastingLight Sun 10-Aug-14 19:25:19

I don't think so!

Lonecatwithkitten Sun 10-Aug-14 21:19:02

I had a client tell me a wonderful story about how she had discovered her cats had left her a live grass snake in her handbag when she opened it in a jewellers in town.

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 10-Aug-14 21:27:29

Did it get her a discount though?

Lonecatwithkitten Sun 10-Aug-14 21:38:30

No she left quickly.

ShakeYourTailFeathers Mon 11-Aug-14 18:47:13

Suddenly the zillions of live crickets and dragonflies I get presented with daily don't seem nearly so bad grin

LastingLight Mon 11-Aug-14 19:06:31

Today our darling kitty brought in a bone, it looked like it might have been part of a lamb chop. We haven't had chops in weeks. I wonder what the neighbours had for supper last night...

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