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Sad cat

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krasnayaplats Tue 17-Jun-14 13:26:00

I posted back in April just after our 17 year old cat (B) was pts. Still have his 15 year old companion. Initially he was very upset. We went on holiday just after, and he stayed with my mother for a week, and she, despite being 80, slept on the floor with him for two nights to keep him company (she is a proper cat person). When we got home and got him home he went hunting in all B's favourite places, yowling. He has stopped looking for B, but seems quite sad and much more needy, miaows a lot more and also yowling several times a day. We are all giving him as much extra attention and love as possible, but can't be there all the time and hate to think of him being unhappy. Any suggestions how to help him?

cozietoesie Tue 17-Jun-14 13:32:51

A small thought - but as he's 15, has he had a recent senior health check at the vet's? If not, it's not impossible that he might have a few physical ailments at that age which - maybe - having another cat to play with and be around masked a little.

krasnayaplats Tue 17-Jun-14 16:49:27

Thanks. He is due his annual jabs etc at start of July, so not far away, will ask vet.

cozietoesie Tue 17-Jun-14 16:57:41

Good luck to him then. Maybe he'll have adjusted a bit more by then as well.

timtam23 Tue 17-Jun-14 23:31:37

Sorry to hear about your oldest cat and about your other sad boy. I hope he settles down a little soon.

Sometimes they can yowl if they start to get a little forgetful/demented. My old boy did this a bit in the few months before he died (he was 18, & DH was convinced that the cat's memory was going as he would do the same things over & over again). I would definitely get him checked out at some point. I am more likely to go to the vet now as last year I completely overlooked the fact that my old boy had gone blind. However he did manage ok for another year despite his poor sight.

Yowling can also be a symptom of thyroid disease - although my old boy also had this a couple of years ago (overactive thyroid) and never had any yowling due to that.

krasnayaplats Wed 18-Jun-14 19:10:53

Thanks. He doesn't seem to have lost any weight. Am on lookout for thyroid as B became very ill with it, although he rallied from that and it was the effects of a liver tumour that led to his end.

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