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New kitten?

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pippitysqueakity Sun 15-Jun-14 20:37:04

Our much loved cat had to be pts yesterday. Was horrible. DCs being v brave but obviously a lot of tears tonight. I would like to get a new kitten, ideally within summer holidays so could spend time etc. have no idea how to go about it. Any advice?

Stars66 Sun 15-Jun-14 20:38:24

Cats protection or RSPCA. Search for your local, apparently there are lots of kittens around ATM

Stars66 Sun 15-Jun-14 20:38:50

Ps, so sorry for your loss xx

Eghamite Sun 15-Jun-14 20:43:26

We got a kitten last summer. I used a website that advertised pets for sale, all sorted by post code and other criteria.

Our cat is now a year old and absolutely lovely. He loves us too and has delivered us a dead mouse every day this last week. smile

cozietoesie Sun 15-Jun-14 20:43:59

Have a look for your local shelters here pippity. Are you sold on a kitten? The shelters will likely have kits in at this time of year but they'll also have loads of youngish cats who will be desperate for a loving home.

pippitysqueakity Sun 15-Jun-14 20:47:57

Kitten for me not so much, but the DCs have their hearts set on one. If I can persuade their father who keeps pointing out how upset they are, and saying this would be avoided if I didn't insist on having pets. This is of course true, but how much more would they miss. That being said, I miss my cat. sad

cozietoesie Sun 15-Jun-14 20:55:01

.....but how much more would they miss......

Quite so.

When you're looking for your local shelters, you'll find that many of the catchat listings have links to the shelter pages - which will include, in many cases, photos of some of the potential adoptees. (Likely to be of more mature cats.) Maybe let the DCs see them and read some of their stories? Mature cats are good companions and have had a chance to show their characters: kittens are a bit of an unknown quantity.

Good luck anyway.

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