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The world's strongest cat!

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Harry1603 Sun 15-Jun-14 13:52:13

Or the world's most persistent cat! We have a microchip controlled cat flap and, after Harry got himself shut in next door, we didn't want him to go out quite as early. DH has a bad back and I've been struggling after an operation so, rather than adjust the time, we put a box in front of it. That was moved and I was woken up by him letting himself out.

The next night we put a box half filled with glass Budweiser bottles - again, he moved it and went off out. Last night it was a full box of Bud - you've guessed it, he got that out of the way as well! DH has just managed to get down to change the times as I don't think we've got anything heavy enough to stop him!

I shouldn't be surprised though - we've got floor to ceiling sliding doors in the bedroom and Harry can open those from closed to find the only bit of carpet in the house so he can sharpen up!

RubbishMantra Sun 15-Jun-14 16:00:31

Cats are awkward determined little buggers creatures aren't they!

If we try to stop Mcat from doing what he wants he makes a loud complaint noise then throws himself at our legs in a petulant bitey scratchy fury!

Harry1603 Sun 15-Jun-14 16:28:12

Sounds familiar! Beating the cat flap is another good one as well - he's never been allowed out at night (except when he sits under the hedge defying me!) but he still beats the cat flap in frustration!

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