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Old girl is ill

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chockbic Sat 14-Jun-14 13:11:46

I knew she wasn't well but thought because she's getting older and the heat.

Turns out she has quite a large tumour in the gut.

We need to find out if its spread.

Dreading the news and frickin gutted.

cozietoesie Fri 20-Jun-14 15:43:15

Not great, No, but not impossible to deal with I think. Has the vet given any prognosis? And will she be likely to be in any discomfort?

chockbic Fri 20-Jun-14 15:45:30

Need to discuss those things later but get the impression it will be about making her comfortable.

She will certainly be spoilt that's for sure.

cozietoesie Fri 20-Jun-14 15:46:47

Of course she will. Keep us informed.

chockbic Fri 20-Jun-14 15:47:55

Shall do as soon as I know more x

Hope your boy is doing OK.

cozietoesie Sat 21-Jun-14 10:45:46

Any news?

chockbic Sat 21-Jun-14 12:57:12

Got to see vet on Monday to find out what kind of tumour it is.

All this waiting is horrible.

On the plus side, she doesn't have a cone of shame. Which she's most pleased about smile

cozietoesie Sat 21-Jun-14 13:10:01

Yes, it's horrible.

Lots of extra-special TLC for her this weekend?

chockbic Sat 21-Jun-14 13:25:16

Considering the op was only yesterday, she is doing remarkably well. I think she secretly or not so likes attention from the vet and nurses smile

Lots of head and chin rubs this weekend plus some fresh chicken.

cozietoesie Sat 21-Jun-14 13:30:34

Seniorboy positively flirts with his vet and nurses. He's completely won over She Who Must Be Obeyed the chief vet nurse, whose especial favourite he is. I count as nowt but a hanger on!

All the best to her over the weekend.

chockbic Sat 21-Jun-14 14:20:19

So cute, little charmers they are.

Thanks and oldgirl says miaow to you and yours.

cozietoesie Sun 22-Jun-14 15:24:28

How is she doing today? (I gave Seniorboy some pain meds at lunchtime so he's flat out - in bed despite the raised temperature - and having a luxurious sleep.)

chockbic Sun 22-Jun-14 15:29:15

She is more lethargic today. Of course the heat isn't helping.

Needs to have pain med on food but is not eating again.

How does your boy have his pain relief?

cozietoesie Sun 22-Jun-14 15:34:03

He gets stuff which I have to put on his gums/under his tongue. (The vet said under his tongue but that proved more than a tad unpopular so I checked the product data sheets etc etc and it's absorbed through the mouth soft tissues so on the gums seems to work. You just can't squirt it down the gullet.) He's doing very well on on a very small dose although it's not something he gets every day.

chockbic Sun 22-Jun-14 15:44:36

Have you got the name please?

cozietoesie Sun 22-Jun-14 15:47:42

I'll PM you.

chockbic Sun 22-Jun-14 15:49:35

OK thanks x

chockbic Mon 23-Jun-14 12:40:42

She is back to not eating and looking thoroughly miserable.

Let's hope things improve soon.

Happy days!

cozietoesie Mon 23-Jun-14 21:02:37

I'm sorry to hear that. Did you manage to speak to the vet today?

chockbic Tue 24-Jun-14 13:25:25

Waiting for the results still.

Vet has suggested chemo but doubt will go for that.

cozietoesie Tue 24-Jun-14 13:31:00

Achh. That's such a long wait for you.

chockbic Tue 24-Jun-14 13:54:56

Old girl has managed to force down a few bits of chicken, so that's good.

Just need to find out where we are so a decision can be made.


timtam23 Tue 24-Jun-14 17:32:25

I'm so sorry to hear she is not eating so well, it must be worrying for you.

When my old cat was very ill recently (he had cancer but in his tongue not his gut) he was given steroids which did perk him up temporarily and gave us a bit of breathing space. He was 18 & in poor health so we were not considering any major interventions at all but it was lovely to have a little while of him being perky, pottering about happily & eating well. Sadly the effect was only temporary but it gave us a bit of time to step back & think things through without constantly worrying about him. Maybe you could mention to your vet to see if it would be appropriate to consider for your cat?

chockbic Wed 25-Jun-14 11:47:01

She is on steroids, sorry ought to have mentioned.

Definitely not herself though. Her little personality has changed.

cozietoesie Wed 25-Jun-14 11:50:24

No news yet?

chockbic Wed 25-Jun-14 11:53:13

Said it should be later today, although said that for last two days as well!

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