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Shit. On 2 night residential this week and unsure what to do.

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JonSnowKnowsNothing Sat 14-Jun-14 12:01:59

Hello all - please help me solve this logistical nightmare! I'm away Wed and Thurs night this week and don't know how best to look after my cats. I have:
Scabbers - reluctantly I have accepted I have to let him in and out as he pleases. He buggered off last week for 3 days and is currently on his third day away this week sad
Snowy - Indoor neutered 12 month old boy
Cersei - 5 week old kitten I found last weekend.

Ive spoken to a local cattery who were nice but only willing to look after Cersei if Snowy came too, for company. Thing is, Snowy plays so roughly with Cersei I'm worried he will stress her and hurt her. He does like her, but he's so much bigger and sometimes when they play Cersei does squeak if he's playing roughly.

Cattery lady also suggested just leaving Snowy and Cersei alone in the house with my friend popping in to feed them. Cersei can't do stairs yet. Also, if Scabbers comes in I would worry for her as he really hasn't taken to her yet.

I wish I didn't have to bloody go!

Any suggestions??

lljkk Sat 14-Jun-14 12:09:13

Advertise on local FB pages for a responsible teenager with references to cat sit, set conditions as you want them. I got deluged with replies when I did that.

JonSnowKnowsNothing Sat 14-Jun-14 12:17:59

Really?? Wouldn't have ever considered that! I'm really, really rural though so not sure what the uptake would be. At the moment I have a friend who is willing to pop in once a day to feed and cuddle....Thanks for the idea though, I need to think about that

lljkk Sat 14-Jun-14 12:20:42

We are semi-rural & I still got flooded with offers. Even less employment for teens when you're semi-rural. It was the area "For sale" pgs I advertised on.

Yes, cat-sitter. There are a few professional ones round here, we use one and I use another one's van regularly. Ours charges £5 a visit and she picks up mail etc and stays for 15 mins or so to play with the cats.

JonSnowKnowsNothing Sun 15-Jun-14 07:40:33

Just looked online and there's a decent looking cat sitter very near me! Six quid a visit. So if she did one on each day and my friend did another visit, that'd be great!
I think I'm going to give the kitten free run of the house. She's definitely getting better and running from snowy when he plays a little too enthusiastically and can do the stairs now!

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 15-Jun-14 07:44:31

Oh good, is scabbers back yet?.

JonSnowKnowsNothing Sun 15-Jun-14 08:11:37

Nope sad
I'm just trying to accept he wants to be outside. If/when he comes back I think I'm going to have to feed him, give him lots of cuddles and keep the catflap open so he can come and go as he pleases.
Bloody kitten has drank the milk my shredded wheats where in. Great!

cozietoesie Sun 15-Jun-14 08:30:56

Ouch. Keep an eye peeled for squitters in case of lactose intolerance. (Although she's young enough that you may get away with it.)

JonSnowKnowsNothing Sun 15-Jun-14 11:30:14

Ouch indeed. sad

Here's a pic of the breakfast thief to show you how well she's doing though!

cozietoesie Sun 15-Jun-14 11:53:01

She's quite gorgeous.

Corygal Sun 15-Jun-14 11:59:02

She's got the most beautiful markings - I hope you don't miss them too badly when you're away next week! Good luck.

Harry1603 Sun 15-Jun-14 13:00:28

She's gorgeous!

CatKisser Sun 15-Jun-14 18:31:51

Tis I - JonS - posting under a NC due to posting about a horrible work issue. Just to say THANKS for the comments, she really is lovely!
Also, the cat sitter is coming over tomorrow evening to talk over what I want and take a key. She sounds really nice! Feel better now.

CatKisser Sun 15-Jun-14 18:32:41

Oh and, even better, now that the kitty an dSnowy have spent a whole weekend with the free roam of the house, they're no longer all about the mad rough play!

isseywithcats Mon 16-Jun-14 23:10:11

she is georgous

timtam23 Mon 16-Jun-14 23:29:00

Isn't she pretty. I love her half-black and half-white nose!

CatKisser Tue 17-Jun-14 18:16:38

Thanks, she's a right little character!
Tonight she pinched a chip off my plate and when I went to retrieve it she did a proper squeaky little growl and swiped at me! I know that's not ideal behaviour but it did make me smile.

Got home this evening and all 3 of my kitties were in the house and hadn't murdered each other so I'm feeling ok about leaving them tomorrow. The pet sitter was LOVELY.

cozietoesie Tue 17-Jun-14 18:36:06

Harden that heart, CatKisser. If you were a Mama cat, you'd be near apoplectic with them all by the time they reached this stage so infractions would be dealt with severely. Nature's way frequently works best. wink

CatKisser Tue 17-Jun-14 19:09:30

Haha! grin I was a bit more harsh then she tried to steal the pork chop - I had to properly wrestle it from her!!

Solaia Tue 17-Jun-14 19:11:35

Wow that's good value - our local cat sitter was £12 for first visit and £9 for a second visit on the same day! shock

CatKisser Tue 17-Jun-14 19:20:23

Wow, that's expensive! I I did think six quid was good though. And the woman clearly loved cats. She mentioned stealing the kitten a worrying number of times.... grin

OTheHugeManatee Fri 20-Jun-14 11:56:19

We always get a cat sitter as our two are nervous little things and a cattery would be hell for us them. If you have more than one cat the price is comparable AND you don't have the stress of catching the little buggers and getting them into cat carriers.

CatKisser Fri 20-Jun-14 18:17:42

Just got back. Kitten hissed at me so I'm feeling extremely guilty. Lots of cuddles this weekend. You're right, Manatee, the cat carrier is always horrific.

CatKisser Fri 20-Jun-14 18:18:14

Oh and snowy has shit deliberately on the carpet as punishment. Like, right next to litter tray.

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