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Semi-feral to house cat?!

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LoopyLa Thu 05-Jun-14 21:12:47

Hey all

Just wondering if anyone's got any experiences with semi-feral kitties at all? I adopted 2 rescue kitties 3.5 weeks ago, boycat is 11 months & girlcat is 1 year. They're not related but very very close, despite having chalk & cheese personalities!
Anyway, girlcat is very outgoing, confident & already trying to get places where she shouldn't - ie out of the velux skylight window last week! shock Boycat is very very shy, not allowing touching & has only, in the last week, started to become much more comfortable around us. Boycat is semi-feral. He was rescued as a kitten outside so never lived in a house, but does seem to be settling slowly with us. However, he's shown no inclination or keenness to get outside at all? It's early days anyway (RSPCA recommended 4-6 weeks of staying indoors) but I wondered if he will just be happy indoors? It doesn't bother me either way as girlcat is highly likely to get into enough trouble for the both of them but just wondered if it were likely?

cozietoesie Thu 05-Jun-14 21:15:44

It's possible and maybe you'll see a change in him over time and as he becomes (hopefully) more secure in his place.

You really need issey or someone like that. Keep a weather eye on the thread in case she comes on the board and comments.

Best of luck.

Our semi-feral decided to move in with us. We've been her staff for several years now.

She loves staying in now, hides very quietly and only appears for food - she constantly claims to be hungry, which is understandable considering her past.

So - our cat is now very home loving and has to be hooshed out. However, once she's out she stays out for hours, glaring from a distance!

Too many 'nows'! Sorry!

Waxlyrically Thu 05-Jun-14 21:28:16

Our semi feral boy (10 months old) was terrified to go outside to begin with but loves it now. He is just very nervous of new situations and unlike other cats we've had isn't as easily reassured by a kind voice. I find sort of ignoring him and feigning total indifference when he's anxious works best. Our boy will let you stroke him, on his terms, now but is still funny around food - runs off with it if it's dreamies or chicken. He also won't come in through a door unless youre standing well away from it and he can run past to a hiding place. All in all he's a bit bonkers but I love him anyway.

OldLadyKnowsSomething Thu 05-Jun-14 21:33:21

My most recent two are/were* feral and semiferal, homed at about 12/13 weeks, now 9yo. Semiferal girlcat (farm kitten) was always nervy but settled well after a time, and was happy to come and go. Totally feral boycat is very friendly but doesn't go out; the circumstances under which he came to us included the amputation of a rear leg and much of his tail, so he can't reach the bathroom window, which is the cat door. We did try letting him out the human door but he's so outstandingly stupid he couldn't find his way home until girlcat found him and brought him back, so he's now an indoor cat, and seems happy enough with his lot.

I don't really think feral or not has much to do with it, it's down to individual personalities.

*"were" because girlcat was pts recently.

Oh, and the once semi-feral is now watching Springwatch - her favourite programme!

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