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Elderly cat - not sure what's best for her - any advice please?

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Stinkle Wed 04-Jun-14 12:08:59

First of all, cat is insured so any consideration of cost can be taken out of the decision.

I have a 15, nearly 16 year old cat. Until recently she's been doing OK, bit thin and raggedy, not as mobile as she used to be but she seemed perfectly happy pottering around the garden and snoozing on sunny window sills.

3 weeks ago she wandered off, and was gone 3 nights before she was found by a neighbour (curled up right under one of the bushes in her garden) and we got her back. I don't think she'd eaten during the time she was away, we'd left food out for her but it was untouched so she was very thin when she came home.

When she came home she decided to move in behind the sofa, had her checked over at the vet who advised making her a little dark cave somewhere so we got our crate out and put it in a quiet spot in the house. She seemed happy with this and gained some weight. All OK

At half term we went away on holiday for a week and we had a cat sitter stay here with her (cat has always hated cattery and finds it all very stressful so we thought it better to leave cat in the comfort of her own home with someone she knows).

On our return Sunday evening, cat sitter reported that cat had been fine and eating well for the first few days, then stopped eating, despite cat sitter spending several hours trying to feed her warmed up tuna fish to try and tempt her, cat just wasn't interested. Cat also seemed to have lost a lot of hair and had a couple of bald spots on her back

Thought I'd see how she went Monday and if her appetite would improve once we were all back and the house was back to normal, but she still didn't eat and on Monday night we realised that she'd drunk a lot more than normal

DH took her to the vet yesterday morning, who pretty much straight away suggested that cat was old, tired and probably had enough and we should consider putting her to sleep

Vet thinks she has problems with her kidneys and is generally just old and tired. Her eyes are dull, she's very thin, her face is sunken and she's not eating. Vet did suggest a steroid injection might stimulate her appetite but there's no guarantees and it's not a long term solution, especially when there are kidney issues. Depending on the damage, it can be controlled with a special diet, but he'd need to examine her more thoroughly, would want to do some more tests, etc

Vet sent DH home with an appointment for today so we could make the decision overnight

DH thinks we should try treating her and give her every chance possible

I'm inclined to agree with the vet, she is old and tired and yes, I think she's had enough now. She hates being poked and prodded, hates the car, hates the vet, finds the whole thing quite stressful and I don't want to put her through all that just to prolong the inevitable

I just don't know


(Sorry it's so long, I didn't want to miss out any information)

Itsfab Sun 08-Jun-14 18:39:15

This is so sad. I lost FABCat just over a year ago and still cry. She lived with a neuro problem for 8 years, kidney trouble for 2-3 and arthritis quite happily along with cancer for 9 months. Vet said when X happens it is time. X happened so I booked an appointment and he said she is fine. X happened again so I booked another appointment and vet laughed and said she is fine. X happened numerous times over about 2-3 weeks after and I did not book appointment. I then felt X was happening closer together so booked and he said it was time. Booked for 2 days time and the night before I knew it was time. We were lucky we got it just right but I still regret that she died on the table and not in my arms as I didn't think I could pick her up.

Have had BoyCat and Girl cat a year now and they have helped but they will never be FABCat.

Wannabe -I hope you find out where WannaCat went and that actually she has found a new lap to settle on.

Sorry to everyone for their losses flowers.

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