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name game! new kitty :-)

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mouses Sun 01-Jun-14 13:58:16

hey all, new kitty member has arrived.
me and the kids have narrowed down a few names but up for other ideas?

kitty is brown/black with ginger bits and sandy toes and hind legs, so heres what we come up with:

.Dolly - cos she tiny
.Tipsy - as she has sandy tips on her ears and toes also tipsy over when she tries to run lol
.megan (meg) kids choice
.Beau - another kids choice

also thought of Indie but not too sure if it makes the list....

cozietoesie Sun 01-Jun-14 14:31:11

Wee scrap.

Myself, I like Winnie but if the kids have chosen Meg (Meg) then that's the one to go for I reckon. She'd do well with that. (She's not a Beau - if only because she's a she!)

Have Jaxon or she clocked each other yet?

LastingLight Sun 01-Jun-14 14:52:22

I like Tipsy smile.

GerundTheBehemoth Sun 01-Jun-14 15:07:51

What a little cutie smile I like Meg and Winnie. Other tortoiseshell cats I've known have included Suki, Cleo, Valentina, Maya and Poppy.

WitchWay Sun 01-Jun-14 15:19:10

I like Winnie!

My tortoiseshell is Pepper smile

Other torties I have known include Chia, Varjak, Dusty & Tibby (two of those, different owners)

LastingLight Sun 01-Jun-14 15:22:13

How about Smudge? or Patchie.

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 01-Jun-14 15:24:03

Ooh a tortie, Jaxon had better mind himself when she's bigger wink


cozietoesie Sun 01-Jun-14 16:44:13

You're right - he will. Small enough to fit on your hand and yet quite composed. I sense a will of iron there. grin

LastingLight Sun 01-Jun-14 16:46:30

Looks like she has a little flame on her forehead - how about Flame or Shadow.

mouses Sun 01-Jun-14 18:56:19

sorry haven't been around for the evening - child / park duties!

ok, meg and winnie seem to be favs, flame wold suit her too?

so.... am I missing something? my sisters reaction was 'ooh, tortie good luck, they are fierce!'

in some pics I took she resembles colours of a Rottweiler, thought of Roxy? if they're feisty might just suit her haha

cozie - jaxon and kitty have had a nose to nose meeting, had a sniff then went back to sprawl in the sun :-D

cozietoesie Sun 01-Jun-14 19:05:54

That's a good meeting! (Especially with the subsequent sprawl.)

Torties are ...... feisty cats, usually. She'll probably have you all under the paw within the week.


WitchWay Sun 01-Jun-14 20:30:02

Look at her little bristly tail grin

mouses Sun 01-Jun-14 21:47:52

im going to give it a few days to get to know her personality and character and one of the names might just click with her. at the moment meg and winnie seem suited, unless something else comes up.

cozietoesie Sun 01-Jun-14 22:00:57

Well that's doomed if I may say so. You're going to find the DCs lolloping in for breakfast tomorrow morning shouting 'How did Meg(an) do overnight, Mum?' and it'll be too late then!


mouses Sun 01-Jun-14 22:52:19

yea your probably right, tho knowing my kids they change their mind more than underwear grin


sashh Mon 02-Jun-14 06:39:28

She needs a title

Meg the Magnificent Moggie?

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