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A friend for our kitten?

(6 Posts)
RichInBunlyGoodness Fri 30-May-14 21:18:26

We did have two cats, 9 month old sisters. Very sadly one of the kitties has been run over. We'd quite like another cat at some point but is this likely to be upsetting to B? She got on very well with J but obviously the new cat wouldn't be her sister.

Is it basically just pot luck as to whether two cats will get on? I thought that as B is still young she might enjoy the company but perhaps I'm just projecting lonliness onto her because I miss J.

cozietoesie Sat 31-May-14 10:57:34

It can be pot luck, I'm afraid - but that doesn't mean that it wouldn't work. How is she behaving at the moment?

isseywithcats Sat 31-May-14 12:37:38

at the rescue i work at if someone has a resident feamle cat we always reccomend a younger male cat or a small kitten of either sex as two unrelated females can vie to be top cat and can cause conflict whereas a younger male would be the under cat to start with as its a female hierarchy in cat society

RichInBunlyGoodness Sun 01-Jun-14 09:27:38

Hi, Thanks for the replies. She seems ok at the moment. Maybe a little subdued.

cozietoesie Sun 01-Jun-14 09:33:50

Maybe she's missing a playmate but that could be temporary. Do you play with her much now that she's on her own?

RichInBunlyGoodness Sun 01-Jun-14 09:44:21

We do although perhaps we need to try and do more.

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