I've always wanted a Birman cat

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Verity87 Mon 12-May-14 13:48:42

What should I be aware of before deciding whether I could or should take on the responsibility of one?

I know several people who have had Birman cats and I've always thought what lovely pets they would make.

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cozietoesie Mon 12-May-14 20:02:44

I think there are posters here who are current or past Birman owners, Verity, so just keep a weather eye on the thread until they come on the board.

Here are some links for you to read in the interim.

Birman Cat Club

Birman Rescue

icc Birman Cats

Verity87 Mon 12-May-14 20:33:26

Thank you cozie smile

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goodasitgets Wed 14-May-14 01:54:46

Vocal grin demanding balls of cuteness. I have a < cough > part share of one. He's actually my neighbours but spends a lot of time with me. Mainly he sleeps and shouts at me. Quite dog like, will follow me to the shop and likes the car

umiaisha Wed 14-May-14 11:47:43

My friend has one (along with a British Shorthair) and she is lovely.

She is very affectionate and roams a lot further than the BSH. She also follows my friend around like a dog!

Lorialet Wed 14-May-14 23:36:38

I had a Birman. She lived to be 20 ~ there's a pic of her on my profile when she was an old lady and looking a bit frail. Beautiful cats and yes, they are very vocal smile

Verity87 Thu 15-May-14 10:31:39

Thanks for your replies. How much do they cost to insure?

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Lozpot Thu 15-May-14 20:52:23

I have two birman cats, a brother and sister. I can highly recommend them, however he prepared for lots of white hair about the house - regular vacuuming and a supply of lint removers sorts this out however.

They like to follow us about and are very social, however like all cats it depends on their mood of the moment. They are playful, intelligent and mischievous and the siblings are great friends. I would recommend getting two as they like company and it's lovely watching them play together.

We have ours as house cats with an outdoor enclosure, they are so trusting and not very streetwise so cars would be a problem if you let them out. My boy just decides to lie down in the middle of a thoroughfare in the house and expects everyone to step over him.

Verity87 Thu 15-May-14 21:29:07

Thanks Lozpot - my friend said that you can't let them out in case they get stolen.

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Fishandjam Thu 15-May-14 21:32:42

The only one I've ever known was lovely, but thick as a yard of lard. His owner had had lots of Birmans and said that was par for the course!

isseywithcats Thu 22-May-14 15:59:58

i dont know if you are near to leeds or bradford but yorkshire cat rescue has two birmans a brother and sister up for adoption as their owner has died

cozietoesie Thu 22-May-14 17:02:00

They are gorgeous, issey - and pretty young, still. (Just had a look.)

isseywithcats Thu 22-May-14 17:57:49

they are arent they smile

cozietoesie Thu 22-May-14 18:25:22

Althouh I'll confess to a liking for Boris. (You know my soft spot for ginger toms and he seems a worthy cause.)

Fluffycloudland77 Thu 22-May-14 20:39:21

You've got to be patient to have a vocal cat.

chansondumatin Sun 25-May-14 13:39:54

Hi, longtime Birman owner here. Mine costs about £13 per month to insure with PetPlan (including a payout in event of death).

They're fantastic cats to have as pets. Gorgeous to look at, easy to groom and very loving, but can also be pretty demanding with deep, yowly voices. I like how they sound, but it's a matter of taste I suppose. They are also greedy and cunning (what cat isn't?) - don't leave bags of cat biscuits out (or any food for that matter) as they will slash them open and help themselves!

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