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my little cat hates being groomed!

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matildasquared Fri 09-May-14 20:26:00

I have a sweet boy whom we adopted as a kitten. He is very snuggly and affectionate, loves to be held, stroked, carried, played with. He's the kind of cat who will lie on your feet whilst you do the washing up.

He's semi-long hair so needs a brushing once a month or so. He gets matted clumps of hair around his crotch and bum-al area, which can lead to hygiene problems (ahem) if I don't trim them.

For some reasons he hates being brushed, even hates having me gently snip away the matted hair clumps from between his legs. It's really puzzling because I know (I guess?) it's not hurting him, I'm very careful not to yank any hair or poke him with the scissors. The only real physical part of it is lifting his tail or leg to get at the clumps but even then I make sure he's on his favourite blanket and I'm very gentle.

Tonight he got on my lap for some quality television and snuggling. I started to brush him and he got wiggly and yeowly. I held him (gently) thinking let's just get this done and he started crying like he was at the vets! I got the worst of the clumps and let him go.

I use a big brush with soft bristles, and a small pair of old cuticle scissors for the clumps.

Help? Here I was hoping he'd enjoy a grooming!

Fluffycloudland77 Fri 09-May-14 21:03:25

Try a furminator, mine rolls over to have his tummy done.

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