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Cat out for second night running!

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Italiangreyhound Mon 05-May-14 01:26:57

Our lovely ginger tom (1 year neutered) was out all night yesterday, came back this morning and now is out for a second night! What's going on, please? Any ideas? Thanks

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 05-May-14 07:46:24

Establish a curfew, keep him in after dinner. The local wildlife will thank you for it.

Plus the risk of RTA is higher at night.

cozietoesie Mon 05-May-14 10:21:42

Yep - get him in a curfew routine. He'll adapt to it very quickly as long as he knows he'll get out during the day sometime. (It would be easier for you in winter, I must admit. Lousy weather and nothing happening out there is a big disincentive compared to the fun at the moment.)

ClaimedByMe Mon 05-May-14 10:24:18

Cats are nocturnal, one of mines stays out all night every night with the exception of snow and the other 2 stay out now and then through the warmer nights, if you want him in at night you will have to keep in him they quickly learn that they won't get out after their meal and disappear before that!

Italiangreyhound Mon 05-May-14 11:18:46

Thanks, I used to keep him in after dinner but in the warmer weather he meows at the door so pathetically I had to let him out.

cozietoesie Mon 05-May-14 12:03:33

That's called 'being under the paw' Italian! Harden that heart - he'll soon realize who's in charge.


Italiangreyhound Mon 05-May-14 13:32:43

I fear out of the children, the cat and my job, I am not in charge!

cozietoesie Mon 05-May-14 13:33:27


Italiangreyhound Tue 06-May-14 00:01:48

He's in and on sofa. Bribing him with nice food. Love to have him in!

cozietoesie Tue 06-May-14 00:03:58

Now - be strong! (Bribery is good though - if only until you establish the routine. You don't want him the size of the garden shed.)

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