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Have I traumatised DCat for life?

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PestoSunnyissimos Wed 30-Apr-14 11:50:37

PestoCat was booked in for his first ever check-up at the vets yesterday afternoon, so that DD2 would be able to help me get him in the cat carrier. Anyhoo, he went wandering off for the afternoon, instead of snoozing on my bed which he normally does.

So I had to re-book appointment for this morning, unfortunately after both DDs had left for school/college. The first time I scooped PestoCat into the carrier he managed to shred me and escape from it! Then we had a stressful time of me trying to catch him again before I finally did and shoved him into the carrier. He was really yowling and panting and I know he was very, very stressed sad

He continued like this until we got to the vets. Then he was very still and bunched up and his heart was racing. The vet was lovely and reassuring and did his wormer on the back of his neck, no jabs.

However, since we got home he ran off to hide and now I'm worried that all the trust we had slowly built up in the 7 months since we got him, has been lost sad

How can I help him feel safe & happy again please? I almost wish I'd never taken him to vets now.

maybeIwillmaybeIwont Wed 30-Apr-14 12:06:23

No, don't be too worried.

I never yet had a cat that loved going to the vets! Everything from lacerations with implanted claws to a very big, 'brave', boy , who would wee, poo and vomit on the 10 minute journey to the vets. And then the same on the journey home hmm!

Mine seemed to forget the trauma after a couple of hours, although every cat is different, here are some thanks for putting up with the drama.

PestoSunnyissimos Wed 30-Apr-14 12:11:13

Oh thank you for the reassurance. I do feel really rotten coz I love him soooo much and want him to trust us and be happy.

Bonbonchance Wed 30-Apr-14 12:22:15

My cat seems to forgive me for anything traumatising pretty quickly, & she's a very timid, unsociable cat! First time I had to take her to the vet it took a long time to get her in the box & both of us traumatised, but now I can get her in with a gentle push on her backside & I think she quite enjoys the change of scene sometimes!

I left the cat box out so she got used to it & we did a few practice goes getting into it, being carried around & let out!

PestoSunnyissimos Wed 30-Apr-14 12:25:33

That's a good idea about leaving the carrier out for the cat to get used to it. I will do that in future, thank you smile

RubbishMantra Wed 30-Apr-14 17:49:46

They soon forget, really they do. The more vet trips hes has the more he will realise that although he dislikes it, he won't come to any actual harm. Mine's a bruiser of a cat, but on the vet's examination table, he goes all limp and floppy, as if swooning...

Offer him some Dreamies of his favourite treats when you get home. All will be forgiven soon!

Ooh, try placing a jumper or something with your scent in the cat-carrier next time. maybe with a spray of Felliway.

PestoSunnyissimos Wed 30-Apr-14 20:53:23

Thankyou RubbishMantra, I'm hoping he will re-gain his confidence in time. He is still really nervy this evening. However, he did perk up once DD2 came home, his favourite person grin

Next time, I'm definitely making the appointment for a time when DD2 can come along too as he luffs her to bits and might not have been so scared.

Fluffycloudland77 Wed 30-Apr-14 20:58:09

Do you have ham? I find ham a great bribe.

PestoSunnyissimos Wed 30-Apr-14 21:02:23

Ooh we do have ham!

I shall try that later, thank you smile

Terrortree Wed 30-Apr-14 21:39:38

7 months old you say? Is this your first cat?

You'll learn so enough: taking them to the vets is your small act of defiance in the cat/human hierarchy of life.

PestoSunnyissimos Wed 30-Apr-14 21:43:11

He's 13 months now, he was 7 months when we got him. He's not our first cat, but he is the first one we've had who's been a bit of a 'scaredy cat'. So it's been a bit like we're treading softly with him, letting him get used to us in his own time.

bonzo77 Wed 30-Apr-14 21:47:21

I have a scardy cat. I open the cat carrier and put it on its end so the door is on top, then grab by scruff of neck and bundle her in. By far the least traumatic way. And i put the carrier in the kitchen a day or two before so she gets used to it. And lock her indoors from the night before.

Anyway, my cat is more traumatised than your cat. Ner ner ner-ner ner. She had an enema today.

PestoSunnyissimos Thu 01-May-14 07:33:26

Oh Bonzo, hope she is recovering today. Give her a stroke from me - if you can!

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