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entire tom very interested in spayed female

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Gatekeeper Tue 29-Apr-14 09:29:21

we have a feral cat who adopted us about 18 months ago; we managed to trap her and she was spayed etc. She is still very timid and won't let us touch her so we have made a home for her in our summerhouse.

About two months ago another stray starting making an appearance- absolute skin and bone but we have been feeding him and he is filling out nicely. |He doesn't make an appearance every day though so trapping him difficult.

The last week though I noticed that he is sniffing round our girl's nether regions and following her about , before spraying everything in sight. Last night dh called me over to the summerhouse as he could hear a cat meowing (our girl never makes a sound) and there are the pair of them in the same bed- her not looking very pleased whilst he 'sings'!! smile

Anyone know why he is doing this? bit worried incase the spaying wasn't done properly and she can still get pregnant <'bringing shame to our door', says dh> grin

thecatneuterer Tue 29-Apr-14 11:43:01

Oh dear. It is indeed possible that the spaying wasn't done properly. However it is certain to have been done well enough for her not to get pregnant, but it is possible that a bit of ovary was left behind, causing her to still come into heat. It's not easy to get this put right though - as of course you'd have to trap her again and the operation to find the stray bit of tissue is more difficult than the initial spay.

So for now I'd wait and see. It could just be that he's so full of testosterone that anything is fair game. I have a male who will try to shag any fluffy throw or piece of clothing he comes across, even if I happen to be wearing it - and he's neutered!

The first course of action would be to try to get the boy done, although I realise that's not easy either. If, after that, she starts to display signs or being in heat, or if a load more entire toms start beating a path to her door, then I think you will have to try to get her back to the vet.

Gatekeeper Tue 29-Apr-14 13:27:03

thank you thecatneuterer- I'll watch to see if she shows any signs of being 'interesting'

laughed like anything at her expression- she looked like I imagine I do on the occasion dh comes to bed half cut and amorous!

Fuzzymum1 Mon 05-May-14 23:12:56

One of our boys who is neutered (and was done around 6 months) sometimes tries to mount his sister (who was also done at 6 months) and she takes great exception to this and yowls loudly. This is the same cat who regularly tries to shag my pink fluffy blanket. usually in full sight of any visitors I've now put the blanket away and rarely use it any more I got sick of washing it!

cozietoesie Mon 05-May-14 23:18:11

I was going to ask what he fixated upon instead but thought better of the question - in case I got an answer. So I'm not asking!

sashh Wed 07-May-14 05:59:48

I have one that comes in to the garden and calls for my cat. I'm not sure if he is a bit thick or they are related, she was a stray and he has almost identical markings.

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