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wrestling cats!

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lurkingfromhome Tue 29-Apr-14 08:19:06

We have a 2 year old boy cat and brought home a little girl kitten around 7 weeks ago (she was only 5 weeks old, so is around 12 weeks now).

Big Cat was not at all impressed so the settling-in period has been long and tricky. The main problem has been that the kitten absolutely adores him and wants to play with him constantly - he was not keen on this and spent most of the time hissing, spitting and hitting her with his giant paw (not that it stopped her in any way). Anyway, we have done the usual things to get them used to each other and try to make Big Cat's life as stress-free as possible, always making sure there is one room he can go and sleep in to get away from her. Things seemed to be getting quite a bit better.

Last week, though, they started wrestling with each other and this has become a constant thing. Kitten instigates it every time by toddling up to him and running through his legs. He then grabs her by the throat and wrestles her to the ground at which point they start tussling. I was really alarmed at first but had a close look at what exactly was going on and he doesn't seem to be hurting her at all even though he has her pinned to the ground by the throat. She yowls a bit then goes completely submissive (flat on her back with her eyes closed). Much rolling about and chasing each other along the hall then ensues.

He is no longer hissing, spitting or biffing her with his paw. It actually looks more like they are playing and seems much less hostile although it looks more alarming to see little kitten pinned to the floor. He eventually gets bored and walks away and she will go back for more every time. In fact as soon as he comes into the room, her eyes light up and she goes galloping over to him to get him to wrestle her to the ground.

What is going on? Is this just a new stage in the settling-in period? Should I be worried?

stealthsquiggle Tue 29-Apr-14 08:24:06

Just playing, IMO. Probably looks more alarming because of the difference in size, but our two teenage cats do much the same - their favourite thing is to lie in wait and ambush each other, followed by a brief period of rolling around in a big furry hissy ball, and then a good chase up and down some stairs.

Lovethesea Tue 29-Apr-14 10:32:25

If it was fighting you'd see lumps of fur flying, scratches and blood and the most unearthly screaming.

Sounds like she is looking for a replacement for her siblings and has found your boy! He'll adjust, female cats rule the roost so he will just have to get used to being number two now.

They will entertain each other and keep each other fit!

Enjoy. I have two rescues I got a year apart, the tiny Tortie is the ruler now and had one moment of being wrestled by our huge tabby until she made it very very clear she doesn't play like that. The air turned blue she was so vocal on the subject. Now they chase or wave paws through curtains at each other, but he no longer tries to jump on her. He is literally twice her size though so I don't blame her.

It is lovely watching them interact and my hunter loves having another cat to show off to when he brings things in the Catflap. Not that Tortie ever wants to eat them, but it fascinates her.

lurkingfromhome Tue 29-Apr-14 10:41:39

This is so reassuring - thanks both. I do think he is quite enjoying it and the worst it gets is a bit of squawking and yowling.

Lovethesea, you are right when you say she is going to rule the roost. Even when she was just 9 weeks old, she was entirely fearless and had bags of confidence. She is absolultely longing to get outdoors and is so cocky in a way that Big Cat never was at that age. Big Cat seems to have aged overnight but as long as he is left alone to sleep during the day he seems vaguely tolerant of it all.

Lovethesea Tue 29-Apr-14 21:24:48

She sounds lovely and feisty. Once she is going out he will get some rest! Ironically my feisty Tortie doesn't hunt but guards her territory around the house and follows me about for company when she is not in a napping mood.

Today they were both settled on my bed when I went out, blissfully sleeping off the adventures of the early hours. They normally play in the night as I can hear rushing up the stairs and down on occasion. Lots of fun having two cats, enjoy!

timtam23 Tue 29-Apr-14 22:18:40

12 weeks old is when they are full of beans and mega-playful

My rescued stray kitten was really full-on at that age, more problematic for my other cat who is ancient and blind and really didn't appreciate being suddenly ambushed numerous times a day. It was all play though, and the kitten did calm down a great deal after being neutered aged 20 weeks (it took 6-8 weeks post-neuter for us to notice much difference)

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