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When do cats get old?

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I have two beloved cats.. one.. a long hair Torty is 14 and still like a kitten.. chases everything, fit as a fiddle, rules the house with an iron paw smile

The other is 12.. he is a 22 pound Maine Coone.. a beautiful, incredibly affectionate and also nervous boy. But recently he has slept a LOT even for a cat. He also snores so loudly it sounds like there is a man upstairs!

He doesn't seem ill.. still eating, still cuddly, sleeps across my neck every night.. but he suddenly seems an old man.. he is slow and tired and not quite how he was.

He is due his jabs next month so I will get the vet to check him over thoroughly but I wondered if pedigrees like him just aren't as long lived ?

I will be devastated if he is unwell or not got a long life left as he is the love of my life!

cozietoesie Tue 29-Apr-14 00:45:11

Well I can't talk really. Seniorboy, a pedigree Siamese, is 19. He sleeps a lot but he's a happy chap who enjoys his life.

Darling Oneago, however, conked it suddenly at 8 (for reasons unknown) -and Darling Twoago died at 13 after renal failiure.

Cats generally die before you.

DrewsWife Tue 29-Apr-14 05:57:46

Cora was 22. She was a yappy auld thing and lived with foster families all her life. I had her for a year. There are videos on YouTube of her eating pizza crusts and attacking the robin sons juice advert birds on my tv. Cora eating pizza is the search title.

Sophia is 10 and starting to show her age. Lost weight and thinning fur on her hind quarters. Will get her checked by the vet this week. But she rules this house with grumbles and glares.

MandarinCheesecake Tue 29-Apr-14 13:36:10

My cat was 9 when he started slowing down and sleeping more, he was 11 when he was diagnosed with kidney disease and heart failure. We had him PTS last year at the age of 12.

I have a 10 year old cat who can sleep all day but has usually been out on the razz the night before. But usually he sleeps on and off throughout the day. He's not showing any signs of age or health problems and is still quite spritely.

My mums cat is nearly 16 and has only recently started showing signs of her age. Up until the last few months would give the dog a run for his money!

They are usually classed as a senior cat at the age of 8+ (according to my vet anyway) but each cat is different, just like humans. Just keep an eye on him and if you are worried for any reason at all take him to the vet.

MandarinCheesecake Tue 29-Apr-14 13:41:21

BTW the cat I had to have put to sleep also used to snore, he had always done it so wasn't unusual.

My 10 year old is a Maine Coon looky like (but is just a mog) and he snores but his snoring has gotten louder in the last year or so!

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