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Kittens & Cat Flu , Its just not going away

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Sonumb Sat 26-Apr-14 18:02:36

I have four 4 week old kittens .

I took them to the Vets last Monday as they were all full of cold & had sticky eyes , They were all given an injection (I presume Antibiotics) & given eye drops & some more antibiotics which I gave them as prescribed & I'm still continuing with the eye drops though they don't seem to be helping much so I'm having to clean them 4 times a day .
They are still Sneezing & have sore eyes sad
I have an appointment booked for the vets a week on Tuesday and can't really go before then as i don't get paid til then else I'd be their now .

Is their anything I can do to help them or at least improve their eyes , I'm using warm water and soaking them etc ...

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