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Help...have changed cat litter tonight and kitten wont use try!

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hulahoopsilove Thu 24-Apr-14 20:44:52

Usually use the wood pellets but couldn't get any so have this grey traditional litter have filled tray and kitten keeps trying to eat it, Im worried! I keep putting him in tray what can I do

cozietoesie Thu 24-Apr-14 21:04:34

Have you absolutely none of the wood pellets left? (It's usually a good idea to change the type of litter gradually rather than all in a oner - especially with a very young cat.)

In the absence of that - do you have any of the soiled litter you removed in the rubbish bin, perhaps? If you could retrieve a little of that (Sorry!) and sprinkle a few bits on the new litter, he should pick up the smell and get the idea.

cozietoesie Thu 24-Apr-14 23:39:55

Any luck on the peeing front?

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