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White Cat with carcinoma - Anyone any experience of this?

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MayBlossom Thu 24-Apr-14 12:26:51

My 15 year old white and tabby cat had one of her ears removed in October due to cancerous growths. Initially it appeared the operation had been a success but now the cancer has returned. The vet advised that they couldn't do a further operation as the ear has been removed to its fullest extent. The ear looks very unsightly and when she scratches it bleeds profusely and then crusts up. It looks very painful but she doesn't seem bothered by it. She also seems fine within herself and is eating and going out when the weather is warm. The vet did mention we would have to consider her future ie PTS or not (whereupon I burst into tears) but we just don't know if that position is imminent or not. Our previous cat had to be PTS in 2004 due to liver cancer but, at the end the decision was obvious as the quallity of life wasn't there. This time the situation is less clear cut. Does anyone else have experience of cancerous skin growths in white cats and how this is likely to develop? I still can't talk about our previous cat being PTS 10 years ago without tears so am dreading this time round.

cozietoesie Thu 24-Apr-14 14:04:52

I'm sorry it's returned, May. I haven't had a cat of my own with it but I'm afraid that I don't think the prognosis is great at that stage.

Do you remember what the vet actually said ? (I appreciate that you weren't in a state of mind to be crystal clear about things.) And has she been given any meds or had any other treatment suggested right now/in the immediate future?

MayBlossom Thu 24-Apr-14 17:18:07

Thank you for replying Coezie. At the vets she was given an injection (presumably a painkiller/anti-inflammatory) and prescribed Loxicom which is added to her food. The vet just explained that she couldn't do another operation as the ear had been taken back as far as possible and that consideration had to be given to her future. We obviously do not want her to suffer but neither to we want to lose her if there is still quality of life and, at the moment, she is pottering about quite happily. If only she could talk and let us know how she feels.......

Fluffycloudland77 Thu 24-Apr-14 18:39:31

I think you know when it's time. I'm so sorry it's back.

cozietoesie Sun 27-Apr-14 09:03:06

How is she doing?

MayBlossom Tue 29-Apr-14 19:17:46

She is lively at the moment, eating well and venturing outside as the weather has got warmer. She jumps on my lap every night and purrs away and allows DD (6) to stroke her, always purring away. She really does not show any sign of discomfort or distress but the ear looks such a mess. Thank you for asking. This is so difficult. Our inclination at the moment is to continue as we are as she seems happy and if there is a turn for the worse we shall have to reconsider.

Fluffycloudland77 Tue 29-Apr-14 20:15:10

I think that's what I'd do too.

cozietoesie Tue 29-Apr-14 20:18:07

Yes, it's difficult. I have a thought or two for you.

Cats are past masters at covering up discomfort and soldiering on - when the time comes that they show distress, things are usually pretty darned bad indeed.

I've seen a few of my darling ones at the last stage and nowadays, I'd let them go while the sun is still shining for them. You say that her ear is a mess - is it likely that she really is being given no problems from it?

It's a hard call with a dear friend but I'm thinking it's one I'd make sooner rarther than later.

MayBlossom Thu 01-May-14 13:51:26

Major trauma. Just been to the vet with our other cat who is 10. He stayed out last night and did not reappear early in the morning which is unusual. He arrived mid-morning dragging his rear end along the ground. Heartbreaking. Rushed to the vet who advised the right hip is broken and he is currently undergoing X rays under GA to determine his future. Whilst at the vet we mentioned it has been a terrible month for our cats and we explained about Cleo and her ear - this vet advised me to keep a diary of good days and bad days for her and when the bad start to outnumber the good it will be time to say goodbye. Can't believe we could lose both our cats in such a short space of time. Devastated.

MooseBeTimeForSpring Thu 01-May-14 14:52:52

I'm so sorry sad
I had a family friend with a white cat. Her vet told her to put sunblock on it's ears for this very reason.

patothechiefexec Thu 01-May-14 19:56:40

Oh no, poor you.

I'm looking for a cat at the moment and one of the cats at the rescue centre has cancer. He seems in fine fettle at the moment so they've said they will keep him going until he starts to lose weight and starts looking sorry for himself.

i think I would do the same while I came to terms with it. We've had some lovely spring weather. I would let her enjoy it and make a massive fuss of her for a bit longer.

Best of luck with your other cat. thanks

Migsy1 Mon 05-May-14 15:26:14

Liverpool University Dept of Veterinary Science has a specialist cat oncology service. It might be worth getting a second opinion from such a specialist if you can. Good luck.

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