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Interim/permanent home for very difficult cat

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Helpingout2204 Wed 23-Apr-14 21:57:29

Wondered if anyone can help with suggestions. My friend's husband has just died unexpectedly. There are quite a few resulting difficulties to sort out but one is his cat. Basically, the cat was very attached to him but didn't actually like anyone else. She won't go near other people other than on very rare occasions - this includes my friend. I have gone in to feed her on a number of occasions when they've been away and she just won't even come out; worse than that, she attacked and badly scratched another friend who was feeding her at a different time. At the moment she won't come out at all and has been hiding since her owner died.

My friend will have to leave the place she's been living in and rent somewhere smaller in the next few weeks. This will mean she is unlikely to be able to take the cat with her. What would really help would be to be able to get a place for the cat to go, possibly as an interim measure for a few months while she sorts out new living arrangements, or possibly as a permanent arrangement. Does anyone know of organisations who would take very difficult and unsociable cats on a no-kill basis? We're in the north west (can be more specific by PM if this would help).

EnlightenedOwl Wed 23-Apr-14 22:08:59

You say north- west - Oldham area any good? Oldham Cats worth a try cats they can't home become residents and can come and go as they please.

cozietoesie Wed 23-Apr-14 22:10:51

Are finances tight, Helping?

(On a comforting note, Seniorboy was completely bonded to my mother (anti-social with others) and nobody thought he would survive her death. He came to me because no-one in the family would take him on and I happened to have a vacancy, spent a month in an almighty hermit thing and then conceded - and is still with me 6 years later. (Actually sitting as I type with a paw on my arm reminding me that he hasn't had a cuddle for 5 minutes.) An elderly and crabbit boy but much loved and still enjoying his life.)

timtam23 Wed 23-Apr-14 22:31:37

There is the Society for Abandoned Animals in Sale, South Manchester although I know they are always full (they operate a waiting list for admissions) and I don't know if they would take a cat temporarily. I'm pretty sure they do not PTS and they were very nice when I did manage to speak to someone on the phone, they also responded quickly to emails (in relation to a tiny stray kitten which we did eventually end up keeping ourselves)

Fluffycloudland77 Thu 24-Apr-14 07:58:02

They do come round ime, it takes time though. We took on a cat when it's owner died & she bonded to my mum.

We rented with cats, it wasn't a problem. It's dogs ll have problems with.

Helpingout2204 Thu 24-Apr-14 20:52:02

Thanks all. The cat has come out from her hiding place today (into another one, but...) and has eaten a little so hopefully that's progress. Fluffy my friend will probably end up renting a room in a houseshare or a bedsit and all the ones I've looked at so far say no pets, so I'm not optimistic that in her situation she would be allowed to bring the cat but I'll keep my eyes open. From what you and cozie say it might actually be a good opportunity for the cat to bond with a new family if she was rehomed but no decisions are being made yet.

cozie yes, money is tight. My friend works but her hours are very changeable and her income is up and down, but never that high. So the lower-cost the solution the better, though a few of us would chip in towards a donation to a shelter if one took her.

I'll bear the places mentioned in mind, so thanks for those. We are in the city where you'll never walk alone, IYSWIM wink I have a car so I could possibly transport the cat further afield if it seemed best but I don't know how well she travels and I wouldn't want to distress her any more than necessary.

Any more suggestions are very welcome.

RiverRocks Tue 29-Apr-14 10:33:35

Helping it might be worth specifically asking whether they will accept a (presumably) well behaved cat. When we rented, the advertisement said the same, but the landlord was fine with us bringing our cat although it was specifically written into our contract we would pay for and/or repair any damage he did.

Lonecatwithkitten Tue 29-Apr-14 13:12:41

Cinnamon trust are a charity who specifically help in this kind of situation.

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