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Long haired fluffy cat getting in a mess

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Horsemad Thu 03-Apr-14 20:58:38

My beautiful girl keeps getting poo all over her tail & fluffy pantaloons when she does a No. 2.

This has only recently started happening, her diet hasn't changed & it's getting me down! I've bought some rinse free shampoo and don the rubber gloves and clean her, but she can't have the run of the house as it just isn't pleasant. She does try and clean herself so I don't think it's a neglect thing.

It happens whether she goes outside or uses her tray. I've never had a longhair before, do other fluffy cat owners have the same problem.

Fluffycloudland77 Thu 03-Apr-14 21:09:36

Yes. Wide tooth metal comb for lumps & wash for runny bottoms.


timtam23 Thu 03-Apr-14 21:48:01

My old girl cat was the most enormous fluffy creature - I think she was part Maine Coon - and she used to get bits of grass seed, poo and all sorts of things caught in her furry hindquarters. It was a nightmare to get them out as she hated being groomed, any of those slicker brushes were too much for her. She would tolerate a wide-toothed comb and I also used to enlist DH's help and cut out the worst of the mats if she got really tangled.

Horsemad Thu 03-Apr-14 22:25:18

Ours doesn't get knotty or matted, even though she isn't brushed regularly.

I've decided to do away with the lid off the tray to see if that helps.
My old cat was incontinent and I had 3 yrs of washing her before she had to be pts. I thought it was great to have a cat that had no hygiene issues when this one turned up!

Horsemad Thu 03-Apr-14 22:27:07

timtam I remember your kitten found under the car bonnet - do you still have him? He had such a cute face... smile

cozietoesie Thu 03-Apr-14 22:34:58

You must have missed the thread, Horsemad. We had a Dudley trauma.

Dudley missing

timtam23 Thu 03-Apr-14 22:51:26

Horsemad yes we still have Dudley but as cozie has said, last week was very sad (he went missing) however he returned from his wanders and seems more home-loving as a result smile

Horsemad Thu 03-Apr-14 23:27:09

Yes I did miss that shock will read in a minute. Glad to hear there was a good outcome.

Horsemad Thu 03-Apr-14 23:42:02

God, these cats put us through it when they go awandering!

Love the pics; he looks like he's smiling in the one of him on his own grin

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