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catnipkitty Thu 03-Apr-14 10:04:32

(posted in pets too)

Hi, does anyone use a cat sitter to come in and feed their cat while on holiday? How much do you pay? My cattery charges £9/day and my cayt hates going there so looking for an alternative.
C x

MrsMarigold Thu 03-Apr-14 10:10:37

I ask the neighbour's teenage son but I once used an professional catsitting service. The woman was very kind and had worked for Liz Jones, she gave a full report and visited twice a day, cleaned the litter tray etc. But it was expensive I pay my neighbours son £20 a week if he does it.

cozietoesie Thu 03-Apr-14 10:27:34

I reckon your best bet is to google cat sitting in your area and see what's available. Much seems to depend on how many cats they'll be seeing and how many visits they do - but it's not that cheap if you hire a professional company. (Although their services might also include lengthy play sessions and looking after other things in the house such as taking in mail, opening and closing curtains etc etc.)

(I haven't used one because if I had to go away, family would sort the boy out. He's desperately anti-social with anyone apart from family.)

ditsygal Thu 03-Apr-14 10:37:55

Most charge £8-£10 a visit. I have a timer to put food in so they only come in once a day and put down one meal and fill the timer for the next meal. They also clean the cat litter trays etc.
I have had really good ones who also spend a little time playing with the cats etc and write notes to tell us how the cats were etc, and others who are very business like and just go in feed, clean and leave.
to be fair either do a good enough job, and the cats are happy to stay in their own house.

Rhubarbgarden Thu 03-Apr-14 14:44:01

I used to use a lovely one who sent me texts to let me know what the cats were up to when she was there. She spent time playing with them, administered medication when necessary and watered plants for me. She even gave them home cooked turkey on christmas day. Definitely nicer for the cats than a cattery. I wish she operated in the area we moved to.

trinity0097 Fri 04-Apr-14 17:26:09

Do you not have some local friends who could do it? A colleague is going to Mexico tomorrow for a fortnight to get married and two of us are sharing the cat sitting a week each.

I get my neighbour to feed ours when we are away. I just buy her a Wilkes £20 gift card when I get back as a thanks, but she never expects anything.

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