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Cat has scab on back of neck - should I pick it?

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scabbybruce Fri 28-Mar-14 16:52:19

Just noticed a small scabby clump on the back of my cats neck just above the collar line. A few days ago I was worried about him because he just looked out of sorts and was looking freaked out. Few days later and he looks back to his old self. We thought maybe he was just fighting something off or had been freaked out by the foxes that regularly come into our garden.

Then we felt this scab. Last year he had an abscess on top of his head that was weeping pus. We took him to the vet and she went straight in and pulled off the scab that was semi-forming leaving him with a gaping bloody hole in his head! I was horrified but she said you need to do this to allow it to heal. Gave him a dose of ABs and sent us on our way. She said that if we ever feel a scab in the future that we are to "pop" it off because that's the best thing.

But I'm scared to do this!! Has anyone else routinely picked their cat's scabs? I think our cat would yowl its head off and never forgive me. But am worried that if I don't do it all the poison that should come out will go back in the bloodstream (not very scientific but I think that was what she was alluding to)

Doesn't look like it's bothering him now so I am inclined to leave it. I will ring the vet but just wanted to check in here to see if anyone had experience in these matters!

Fluffycloudland77 Fri 28-Mar-14 18:51:37

I pick mine but I pick scabs for a living.

I've seen the vet pick them. The technical name is Eschar (or at least it is in humans).

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