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Insurance, confused!

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Bonbonchance Wed 26-Mar-14 18:28:24

Can anyone advise me re insurance as my cat's is due for renewal, but been increased a fair bit and now looking at it, it's not got everything I need...

Currently with Tesco, I like

- free advice line (I phoned once about a spot on her chin...but would the vet advise out of hours if you phoned to check if something was urgent or not?)
- Cover for holiday cancellation (but probably a very slim chance of using this & it'd be a once off)
- cover for owner hospitalisation
- cover for advertising & rewards for loss (but again, slim chance of needing this as she doesn't like outside!)

I think I would go for lifetime unlimited cover, but for policies with annual limits, what is likely to be the maximum annual cost? (Worst case scenario)

She's a 7 year old, neutered, vaccinations up to date moggy with no existing conditions.

Animal Friends appears to be quite good and unlimited lifetime cover is cheaper than what I pay now, although it does have 35% co-payment for cats over 10 which I guess could add up? Help!

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