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Cat pooing on kitchen floor

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Dogmatix34 Sun 23-Mar-14 08:45:26

We got two eight week old kittens in August and, apart from the very odd poo by the back or front door, they were excellent at using the litter tray. However the bigger, male kitten started pooing on the kitchen floor a couple of weeks ago and now does all his poos there. Still wees in litter tray. The smaller, female kitten still uses the litter tray for everything. We bought a new litter tray yesterday which we placed in the spot the male usually poos and the male immediately did a wee in it and the female has used it for everything but there was a poo on the floor again this morning. What can we do? My DH, who is not a cat person, is the first one down every morning so he is having to deal with this. We would like them to now poo outside as they have a cat flap but are shut in the kitchen at night. Any advice please?

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 23-Mar-14 09:52:12

So how many trays in total? Two?

Dogmatix34 Sun 23-Mar-14 16:45:07

Two yes. But may take the old one away now if neither are going to use it.

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 23-Mar-14 16:50:25

I'd get another one tbh, keep the scrupulously clean and see if it helps.

Have you changed litter? Mine hates bio cat litter & silica crystals. It has to be scented ultra clumping or he wees on the walls.

Dogmatix34 Sun 23-Mar-14 18:51:26

Thanks fluffy, I will try that.

Dogmatix34 Sun 23-Mar-14 18:52:04

Haven't changed litter, it's all most odd

Bunbaker Sun 23-Mar-14 19:00:04

We used to have two cats and one of them was fastidious about not using an uncleaned litter tray, so perhaps you need to clean it after every use.

cozietoesie Sun 23-Mar-14 19:01:52

Just checking but - they both have been neutered ?

Bunbaker Sun 23-Mar-14 19:03:35

They don't usually neuter until 6 months.

crazynanna Sun 23-Mar-14 19:08:14

My vet neuters much earlier than 6 months, particularly females who come into season

crazylady2013 Sun 23-Mar-14 20:22:05

We have the same problem with our female cat. We have 2 cats so 2 litter trays. They are very fussy about about the litter used so we stick to the one brand we know they will use. However, the female still has moments of using the floor. This can be for any reason she gets into her head, anything from perceiving the box is dirty to her thinking we haven't given her enough attention that day. We have tried everything and nothing really works so we now just live with it wink .

Dogmatix34 Sun 23-Mar-14 22:30:28

Both have been neutered yes. May be a cleanliness issue but I do clean it quite often. The female always seemed more bothered before so not sure why he is suddenly so hygiene conscious!

Migsy1 Sun 23-Mar-14 22:57:05

Could you try putting the litter tray in the spot she poos in or is it in different places?

Migsy1 Sun 23-Mar-14 22:57:50

I mean "he"

Dogmatix34 Mon 24-Mar-14 09:51:59

Thanks for the replies. We did put the litter tray where he normally goes and he just pooed in a different spot. It's all wipe clean thank goodness but we have neighbours looking after them in a couple of weeks and I feel so embarrassed!

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