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Vaccination advice please.

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Lilicat1013 Sun 16-Mar-14 15:34:11

I was wondering if anyone could help. We have recently adopted Albert, he has been with us since the 23rd Feb and has settled in well. We let him play outside fairly early on as he was going nuts inside and he has done well with it. He does short trips to visit my neighbours cats or walk along the back wall.

He was stray before we got him and had never been to a vet so Cats Protection sorted out dental treatment, neutering and his first set of vaccinations for him. All we had to sort out were the next set which were done on Saturday, I assume these vaccinations are what he should have had done as a kitten. I asked the vet if he should be kept inside and he said he recommended to keep him in for a week.

It is proving to be a nightmare for the whole family, Albert is going nuts, my son who is autistic is going nuts about not being allowed in the garden (I couldn't explain to him he needs to keep the back door closed) and my husband has some garden work he really needs to get done.

I was wondering why he needed to be kept in for a week and if he seems to be well and had no bad reaction to the vaccinations is it ok for him to play outside any earlier?

I Googled it but must of the information is with regard to recently spayed/neutered cats or kittens.

I would just appreciate it if anyone could tell me if there is any leeway, poor Albert is sitting by the French doors looking miserable right now. If he needs to stay in a week he will stay in a week but I wanted to double check.

FiveHoursSleep Sun 16-Mar-14 15:52:04

Albert will not be fully protected by his vaccinations until a week after his second set. He could still catch one of the diseases he has been vaccinated against if he goes outside until his immunity kicks in.
However, since Albert has been out and about as an unvaccinated stray for quite some time before you adopted him, the chances are that he's not going to suddenly come down with one of these diseases just because you've let him out.
Your vet is playing it safe by making recommendations in line with the vaccination product sheet. It's up to you whether you will follow them or not.

EnlightenedOwl Sun 16-Mar-14 16:04:19

Not much help but I love the name!
if he really can't tolerate being kept in you could let him out - he must have built up some natural immunity - its a case of measuring the risk I think.

Lilicat1013 Sun 16-Mar-14 16:12:45

Thank you, that is helpful.

At the moment I think I will go for the middle way and allow him some supervised garden time. We have an enclosed garden and as long as someone is on the ball to stop him getting on to the wall he will be fine (not that impressed but fine!)

Thank you about his name, I can't take credit though, the man who was feeding him while he was stray gave it to him. He wanted to offer Albert a home but his own cats weren't keen on him moving in so he reported him to Cats Protection.

I have added a picture of Albert sleeping as close to the back door as he can. Everytime someone goes near him, even the baby he cries to be let out. He is very good at making me feel really guilty.

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